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We partner with our customers and private sector companies to optimize the use of information technology resources for enhanced delivery of government services. ITS understands technology is the driving force behind your daily operations and we offer a full range of solutions designed to put technology to work for you.


Cellular Products and Services
Find information about the statewide agreement with AT&T Mobility and C Spire Wireless.

FirstNet Products and Services - Revised July 6, 2023

Wireless Communication Commission (WCC)
The WCC is responsible for planning and overseeing the implementation of a statewide wireless communications system for use by all government entities in the state.

MSWIN Radio Purchases - RFP 3429

Purchasing Rules and Guidelines and Procedures
The WCC governs the purchase of wireless communications by state agencies and institutions as well as local governments and other governing authorities. These rules also define the technologies within the purview of the WCC.

Wireless Communication Devices
Senate Bill 2398, 2006 Regular Legislative Session, established provisions regulating the acquisition and use of wireless communications devices (cellular telephones, pagers, personal digital assistant devices) by state agencies and institutions of higher learning. The provisions of this legislation are codified in Mississippi Code Section 25-53-191.

Model Acceptable Use Policy for Wireless Communication Devices
This Acceptable Use Policy governs the use of Wireless Communication Devices by ITS employees. Agencies may use this policy as an example when implementing similar policies in compliance with Mississippi Code Section 25-53-191(5).

ITS Express Products Lists (EPLs) Some of the EPLs published by ITS (e.g. Two-Way Radio and portions of the E-911 and IT Hardware EPLs) include products and services within the purview of the WCC.

ITS Procurement Handbook Per state statute, all telecommunications systems and services affecting the management and operations of the state must be acquired through ITS. The Handbook sections highlighted below specifically address telecommunications devices and services, including wireless communications.

  • 011-080 ITS Telecommunications Contracts and Services for State Agencies
  • 013-050 Acquisition of Telecommunications Services by State Agencies
  • 015-010 Procurement Limits Policies: State Agencies
  • 011-085 ITS Telecommunications Contracts and Services for IHLs
  • 013-055 Acquisition of Telecommunications Services by IHLs
  • 015-020 Procurement Limits Policies: IHLs