We provide customers with technical guidance and assistance in the acquisition of information technology solutions that provide the best combination of functionality and cost while maximizing the compatibility of Mississippi’s information resources.


​​EPLs are multi-vendor awards that meet Mississippi requirements for legal purchases. The use of EPLs is governed under Rule 206.2: 011-030  Procurement Instruments: Express Products Lists (EPLs) as stated in the ITS Procurement Handbook. EPL Interactives are searchable forms of the Express Products Lists.​

​EPL RFP Reference  Information​ - For Vendors
ITS Express Products Lists Requests For Proposal (RFPs) are usually cyclical in nature. When one EPL RFP expires, it is usually replaced by a new RFP. Some EPL RFPs also allow for mid-cycle updates. For these reasons, these RFPs will remain available for download for vendor or client reference. Vendors may choose to use these RFPs for planning for the next cycle. ​

EPL Interactives

Software Agreements

  • The State does not have a designated procurement instrument for Adobe purchases. You may make Adobe purchases using the NASPO Software Value Added Reseller Cooperative below or by following applicable purchasing laws. Regardless of the procurement mechanism, education entities may participate in the State's Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) by providing the appropriate CLP number to your seller.
    • CLP for Education 4600037857 valid through August 13, 2025
  • NASPO Software Value Added Reseller Cooperative
  • Microsoft EPL 3736

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) EPLs

Other Agreements