As technology leaders ITS works with agencies and institutions to adopt policies and standards related to information technology. IT policies, standards, and guidelines are essential elements of the application, implementation, and operation of networks, security, hardware, software, and data/information.​



collapse Enterprise Policies

PSG 300-06 | Appropriate and Acceptable Use

This Policy governs the use of all computers, computer-based communications networks, and all related equipment administered by ITS.
collapse IT Planning and Policy

PSG 900-05 | Policies, Standards, and Guidelines (PSG) Policy

A policy on the development and implementation of Statewide Policies, Standards, and Guidelines (PSG) pertaining to IT products and/or services for the State of Mississippi.

PSG 901-10 | Model Wireless Acceptable Use Policy

The establishment of this policy and procedures sets the standards for the usage of wireless communications devices by the employees of ITS.
collapse IT Procurement Policies

PSG 1000-10 | Procurement Protests (019-020)

The ITS Protest Policy and Procedures establishes the guidelines by which any aggrieved party may file a procurement protest.

PSG 1001-10 | Public Records Request (019-010)

The ITS Public Records Policy and Procedures outlines the guidelines and procedures for requesting information possessed by ITS under the Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983.
collapse Network Domain

PSG 200-05 | State of MS Domain Name

The purpose of this document is to define statewide standards for Internet top-level, sub-domain, and host domains within the ms.gov, mississippi.gov, and state.ms.us state domains so that citizens can access government information and services in a consi
collapse Security Domain

PSG 100-09 | Enterprise Security Policy - (StateID Login Required)

The Enterprise Security Policy creates an environment within State of Mississippi agencies that maintains system security, data integrity and privacy by preventing unauthorized access to data and by preventing misuse of, damage to, or loss of data.