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September 2022
Article Date Article Title
09/16/2022 Hackers Targeting WebLogic Servers and Docker APIs for Mining Cryptocurrencies
09/16/2022 How to improve public sector's security strategy
09/16/2022 Business Application Compromise & the Evolving Art of Social Engineering
09/13/2022 Attackers Can Compromise Most Cloud Data in Just 3 Steps
09/09/2022 LockBit, ALPHV & Other Ransomware Gang Leak Sits Hit by DDoS Attacks
09/08/2022 Cybersecurity - the More Things Change, the More They Are The Same
09/08/2022 Vulnerability Exploits, Not Phishing, Are the Top Cyberattack Vector for Initial Compromise
09/06/2022 EvilProxy phishing-as-a-service with MFA bypass emerged on the dark web
August 2022
Article Date Article Title
08/26/2022 How complicated access management protocols have impacted cloud security
08/25/2022 We need to think about ransomware differently
08/25/2022 Fake Internet Download Manager Extension for Google Chrome has Over 200,000 Users
08/23/2022 Firewall bug Under Active Attack Triggers CISA Warning
08/22/2022 "As Nasty as Dirty Pipe" - 8 Year Old Linus Kernel Vulnerability Uncovered
08/20/2022 CISA Adds 7 New Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities to Catalog
08/19/2022 Exploiting stolen session cookies to bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA)
08/18/2022 IoT: The huge cybersecurity blind spot that's costing millions
08/18/2022 China's APT41 Embraces Baffling Approach for Dropping Cobalt Strike Payload
08/17/2022 'DarkTortilla' Malware Wraps in Sophistication for High-Volume RAT Infections
08/12/2022 Feds: Zeppelin Ransomware Resurfaces with New Compromise, Encryption Tactics
08/12/2022 25% of employees don't care enough about cybersecurity to report a security incident
08/12/2022 The impact of exploitable misconfigurations on network security
08/11/2022 Cisco Confirms Data Breach, Hacked Files Leaked
08/11/2022 Onyx Ransomware Overwrites Files Large than 2MB Instead of Encrypting Them
08/11/2022 Microsoft: We Don't Want to Zero-Day Our Customers
08/05/2022 Over 60% of Organizations Expose SSH to the Internet
08/05/2022 A Ransomware Explosion Fosters Thriving Dark Web Ecosystem
08/04/2022 Cyberattackers Increasingly Target Cloud IAM as a Weak Link
08/03/2022 How to minimize your exposure to supply chain attacks
08/03/2022 Phishers use custom phishing kit to hijack MFA - protected enterprise Microsoft accounts
08/01/2022 Securing Your Move to the Hybrid Cloud
July 2022
Article Date Article Title
07/29/2022 Security Teams Overwhelmed With Bugs, Bitten by Patch Prioritization 
07/29/2022 Why there is no quick fix for cyber attacks
07/28/2022 In a Post-Macro World, Container Files Emerge as Malware-Delivery Replacement
07/28/2022 Vulnerabilities are Beyond What You Think
07/21/2022 Hackers for Hire: Adversaries Employ 'Cyber Mercenaries'
07/15/2022 Outsourcing security is the only solution for many smaller teams
07/14/2022 Businesses are adding more endpoints, but can't manage them all
07/14/2022 Data Breaches Linked to Ransomware Declined in Q2 2022
07/14/2022 DHS Review Board Deems Log4j an 'Endemic' Cyber Threat
07/11/2022 New Phishing Attacks Shame, Scare Victims into Surrendering Twitter, Discord Credentials
07/08/2022 54% of SMBs do not implement MFA
07/08/2022 Why 80% of companies are looking to switch their managed service provider
07/07/2022 Stealthy Cyber-Campaign Ditches Cobalt Strike for Rival 'Brute Ratel' Pent Test Tool
07/06/2022 Cloud Misconfig Exposes 3TB of Sensitive Airport Data in Amazon S3 Bucket: 'Lives at Stake'
07/01/2022 The challenges and advantages of building behavior-based threat detection
June 2022
Article Date Article Title
06/30/2022 Evolving online habits have paved the way for fraud. What can we do about it?
06/30/2022 18 Zero-Days Exploited So Far in 2022
06/29/2022 Patchable and Preventable Security Issues Lead Causes of Q1 Attacks
06/28/2022 Top Six Security Bad Habits, and How to Break Them
06/24/2022 How companies are prioritizing infosec and compliance
06/23/2022 How APTs Are Achieving Persistence Through IoT, OT, and Network Devices
06/21/2022 Office 365 Config Loophole Opens OneDrive, SharePoint Data to Ransomware Attack
06/21/2022 Modern IT Security Teams' Inevitable Need for Advanced Vulnerability Management
06/13/2022 CISA Recommends Organizations Update to the Latest Version of Google Chrome
06/10/2022 Researchers unearth highly evasive "parasitic" Linux malware
06/10/2022 Potent Emotet Variant Spreads Via Stolen Email Credentials
06/09/2022 Why AIs Will Become Hackers
06/08/2022 Taming the Digital Asset Tsunami
06/03/2022 Why are many businesses still not using a password manager?
06/03/2022 49% of enterprises don't include business-critical systems in their cybersecurity monitoring 
06/02/2022 Intel Chipset Firmware Actively Targeted by Conti Group
06/02/2022 Cybercriminals Expand Attack Radius and Ransomware Pain Points
06/01/2022 12K Misconfigured Elasticsearch Buckets Ravaged by Extortionists
May 2022
Article Date Article Title
05/26/2022 Why are current cybersecurity incident response efforts failing?
05/25/2022 Elevation of Privilege is the #1 Microsoft vulnerability category
05/25/2022 Zoom Patches 'Zero-Click' RCE Bug
05/20/2022 Record level of bad bot traffic contributing to rise of online fraud
05/19/2022 Prioritize patching vulnerabilities associated with ransomware
05/19/2022 Phishing Attacks for Initial Access Surged 54% in Q1
05/18/2022 CISA to Federal Agencies: Patch VMware Products Now or Take Them Offline
05/16/2022 iPhones Open to Attack Even When Off, Researchers Say
05/13/2022 The SaaS-to-SaaS supply chain is a wild, wild mess
05/12/2022 You Can't Eliminate Cyberattacks, So Focus on Reducing the Blast Radius
05/12/2022 5 Years That Altered the Ransomware Landscape
05/11/2022 Top 6 Security Threats Targeting Remote Workers
05/11/2022 Researchers uncover URL spoofing flaws on Zoom, Box, Google Docs
05/06/2022 Nothing personal: Training employees to identify a spear phishing attack
05/06/2022 NIST updates guidance for cybersecurity supply chain risk management
05/05/2022 A Third of Americans Use Easy-to-Guess Pet Passwords
05/04/2022 What Star Wars Teaches Us About Threats
05/03/2022 How to Create a Cybersecurity Mentorship Program
05/02/2022 Bad Actors Are Maximizing Remote Everything
April 2022
Article Date Article Title
04/08/2022 Network intrusion detections skyrocketing
04/08/2022 The importance of understanding cloud native security risks
04/08/2022 April 2022 Patch Tuesday forecast: Spring is in the air (and vulnerable)
04/07/2022 SeeMetrics to Help CISOs Measure Security Success
04/06/2022 Nearly 40% of Macs Left Exposed to 2 Zero-Day Exploits
March 2022
Article Date Article Title
03/25/2022 How the cloud skills gap is hindering business development
03/24/2022 What's holding back zero trust implementation for device access?
03/24/2022 How will recent risk trends shape the future of GRC
03/24/2022 The biggest security threats to today's businesses
03/24/2022 Strengthening third-party vendor programs in times of crisis and beyond
03/24/2022 Ransomware Payments, Demands Rose Dramatically in 2021
03/18/2022 The problem with multiple cloud security tools: Alert fatigue and burnout
03/18/2022 Why EDR is not sufficient to protect your organization
03/17/2022 How to plan for increased security risks resulting from the Great Registration
03/17/2022 6 Reasons Not to Pay Ransomware Attackers
03/16/2022 Microsoft the No. 1 Most-Spoofed Brand in Phishing Attacks
03/11/2022 Organizations need to evolve their data management strategy
03/10/2022 Over 40% of Log4J Downloads Are Vulnerable Versions of the Software
03/09/2022 Russian APTs Furiously Phish Ukraine - Google
03/09/2022 Most ServiceNow Instances Misconfigured, Exposed
03/09/2022 APT41 Spies Broke Into 6 US State Networks via a Livestock App
03/07/2022 Every business is a cybersecurity business
03/07/2022 IT leaders confident in their ability to manage a ransomware attack: They should know better
03/04/2022 Most Cybersecurity Vendors at Risk Due to Internet-Exposed IT Assets
03/03/2022 Accelerated Ransomware Attacks Pressure Targeted Companies to Speed Response
03/03/2022 Phishing Campaign Targeted Those Aiding Ukraine Refugees
February 2022
Article Date Article Title
02/25/2022 Password Reset: Claiming Control of Credentials to Stop Attacks
02/25/2022 Cybercriminals seeking more than just ransomware payment
02/24/2022 Fears Rise of Potential Russian Cyberattaks on US, Allies Over Sanctions
02/24/2022 SaaS in the Enterprise: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown
02/24/2022 Cyberattackers Leverage DocuSign to Steal Microsoft Outlook Logins
02/18/2022 Even when warned, businesses ignore critical vulnerabilities and hope for the best
02/17/2022 Microsoft Teams Targeted With Takeover Trojans
02/17/2022 Attackers Hone Their Playbooks, Become More Agile
02/16/2022 Supply chain shortages create a cybersecurity nightmare
02/16/2022 Russian Actors Targeting US Defense Contractors in Cyber Espionage Campaign, CISA Warns
02/14/2022 4 Golden Rules of Linux Security Webinar
02/14/2022 Password Reset: Claiming Control of Credentials to Stop Attacks Webinar
02/10/2022 Credential-Stuffing Attacks on Remote Windows Systems Took Off in 2021
02/09/2022 Linux Malware on the Rise
02/02/2022 Conti, DeadBolt Ransomwares Target Delta, QNAP
January 2022
Article Date Article Title
01/28/2022 Conti, DeadBolt Ransomwares Target Delta, QNAP
01/27/2022 With Cloud the Norm, Insiders Are Everywhere - and Pose Greater Risk
01/27/2022 Phishing Simulation Study Shows Why These Attacks Remain Pervasive
01/26/2022 New Year, New Threats: 4 Tips to Activate Your Best Cyber-Defense
01/25/2022 Strong security starts with the strengthening of the weakest link: passwords
01/20/2022 Microsoft: Attackers Tried to Login to SolarWinds Serv-U Via Log4j Bug
01/20/2022 Researchers Discover Dangerous Firmware-Level Rootkit
01/19/2022 Box 2FA Bypass Opens User Accounts to Attack
01/13/2022 New Vulnerabilities Highlight Risks of Trust in Public Cloud
01/13/2022 Phishers are targeting Office 365 users by exploiting Adobe Cloud
01/13/2022 New Vulnerabilities Highlight Risks of Trust in Public Cloud
01/13/2022 Microsoft RDP Bug Enables Data Theft, Smart-Card Hijacking
01/12/2022 Amazon, Azure Clouds Host RAT-ty Trio in Info Stealing Campaign
01/10/2022 The FTC Wants Companies to Find Log4j Fast. It Won't Be Easy
01/06/2022 Heap-overflow Vulnerability Affects Multiple VMware Products
December 2021
Article Date Article Title
12/17/2021 Why is a well thought-out approach to cloud migration imperative?
12/15/2021 Relentless Log4j Attacks Include State Actors, Possible Worm
12/13/2021 40% of Corporate Networks Targeted by Attackers Seeking to Exploit Log4j
12/14/2021 Enterprise email encryption without friction? Yes, it's possible
12/12/2021 How to Guard Against Smishing Attacks on Your Phone
12/10/2021 December 2021 Patch Tuesday forecast: How do you stack up? 
12/09/2021 One-Third of Phishing Pages Active Less Than a Day
12/09/2021 Organizations Losing Trust in Security Vendors Amid Rising Cyberattacks
12/09/2021 Emotet Is Back and More Dangerous Than Before
12/08/2021 AWS Among 12 Cloud Services Affected by Flaws in Eltima SDK
12/03/2021 Omicron Phishing Campaign Hits User Inboxes
12/02/2021 The importance of vulnerability management for your organization
12/02/2021 Key Characteristics of Malicious Domains: Report
12/01/2021 New Ransomware Variant Could Become Next Big Threat
November 2021
Article Date Article Title
11/19/2021 52% of SMBs have experienced a cyberattack in the last year
11/18/2021 The six most common threats against the device that knows you best
11/18/2021 Cyber complexity negatively impacts a company's ability to respond to threats
11/18/2021 Microsoft Exchange Server Flaws Now Exploited for BEC Attacks
11/18/2021 'PerSwaysion' Phishing Campaign Still Ongoing, and Pervasive
11/12/2021 Millions of Routers, IoT Devices at Risk from New Open-Source Malware
11/11/2021 Third-Party Software Risks Grow, but So Do Solutions
11/11/2021 Invest in These 3 Key Security Technologies to Fight Ransomware
11/11/2021 Tiny Font Size Fools Email Filters in BEC Phishing
11/04/2021 Password Reset: Claiming Control of Credentials to Stop Attacks
11/04/2021 Trojan Source - A new method Let Hackers inject vulnerabilities into the source code
11/04/2021 Critical Linus Kernel Bug Allows Remote Takeover
11/02/2021 The Increasing Need for Application Security During COVID-19