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News Briefs

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September 2021
Article Date Article Title
9/16/2021 FBI, CISA, CGCYBER Warn of APTs Targeting CVE-2021-40539
9/16/2021 Microsoft Warns of Uptick in MSHTML Attacks
9/14/2021 Three ways to keep your organization safe from cyberattacks
9/12/2021 What is Zero Trust? It Depends What You Want to Hear
9/10/2021 SIEM market size to reach $6436.2 million by 2027
9/10/2021 The impact of ransomware on cyber insurance driving need for broader cybersecurity knowledge
9/9/2021 Microsoft Warns of Cross-Account Takeover Bug in Azure Container
9/9/2021 In the Hybrid Future, Secure Everything Like You're Never Going Back
9/9/2021 33% of Reported Phishing Emails Prove Malicious or Suspect
9/3/2021 Why Ransomware Hackers Love a Holiday Weekend
August 2021
Article Date Article Title
8/27/2021 Challenges organizations face when implementing zero trust architecture
8/27/2021 Your data, your choice
8/27/2021 Critical Cosmos Database Flaw Affected Thousands of Microsoft Azure Customers
8/26/2021 Microsoft Tracks Widespread Credential Phishing Campaign
8/26/2021 VMware Issues Patches to Fix New Flaws Affecting Multiple Products
8/23/2021 Top 15 Vulnerabilities Attackers Exploited Millions of Times to Hack Linux Systems
8/23/2021 38M Records Were Exposed Online—Including Contact-Tracing Info
8/22/2021 WARNING: Microsoft Exchange Under Attack With ProxyShell Flaws
8/20/2021 Attackers rapidly adopting new techniques to target users
8/19/2021 How Ready Are You for a Ransomware Attack?
8/13/2021 Hackers Actively Searching for Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers
8/12/2021 How Companies Can Protect Themselves from Password Spraying Attacks
8/12/2021 Ransomware Attacks and Payment Demands Soar
8/11/2021 Cybersecurity is hands-on learning, but everyone must be on the same page
8/10/2021 Microsoft Patch Tuesday Puts Spotlight on Windows Print Spooler
8/6/2021 FTC: Phishing Campaign Targets Unemployment Benefits & PII
8/6/2021 Demystifying cybersecurity with a more human-centric approach
8/6/2021 Increasing speed of vulnerability scans ultimately increases security fixes overall
8/5/2021 Security is a Big Data Problem, and It's Getting Bigger
July 2021
Article Date Article Title
7/28/2021 Leveraging People in the Email Security Battle
7/28/2021 Podcast: Why Securing Active Directory Is a Nightmare
7/27/2021 Some 65% of Organizations Now Weigh Their 'Cyber Maturity'
7/27/2021 How Do I Let Go of 'Human Error' as an Explanation for Incidents?
7/20/2021 Success of Ransomware Attacks Shows the State of Cybersecurity
7/16/2021 Microsoft: New Unpatched Bug in Windows Print Spooler
7/15/2021 Attackers Exploited 4 Zero-Day Flaws in Chrome, Safari & IE
7/15/2021 The SolarWinds Hackers Used an iOS Flaw to Compromise iPhones
7/15/2021 Explosion of 0-day exploits: The bad news and the good news
7/14/2021 Seven Attributes of a Great Security Team
March 2021
Article Date Article Title
3/12/2021 Compromised devices and data protection: Be prepared or else
3/12/2021 Rise in remote work leads to increase in IT security gaps
3/11/2021 Network Pivots, Patch Bypasses: Exploits Hit Hard in 2020
3/11/2021 5 Steps for Investigating Phishing Attacks
3/11/2021 Another 210,000 Americans Affected by Netgain Ransomware Attack
February 2021
Article Date Article Title
2/26/2021 Congress confronts US cybersecurity weaknesses in wake of SolarWinds hacking campaign
2/26/2021 Malware Gangs Partner Up in Double-Punch Security Threat
2/26/2021 Attackers Turn Struggling Software Projects Into Trojan Horses
2/25/2021 Ransomware, Phishing Will Remain Primary Risks in 2021
2/23/2021 Cybersecurity and your water: Hacker attempted to poison Florida city's water supply
2/19/2021 How to Fine-Tune Vendor Risk Management in a Virtual World
2/19/2021 Shift to Remote Work Necessitating Greater Innovation in Cybersecurity
2/19/2021 Microsoft: Solorigate attackers grabbed Azure, Intune, Exchange component source code
2/18/2021 Hiding in Plain Sight: What the SolarWinds Attack Revealed About Efficacy
2/17/2021 Information Posted Online After N Carolina Ransomware Attack
2/5/2021 New Ethical Concerns in Online Privacy and Data Security
2/3/2021 Top 10 most exploited vulnerabilities from 2020
2/3/2021 Concerns Over API Security Grow as Attacks Increase
2/3/2021 Security in a Complex World
January 2021
Article Date Article Title
1/29/2021 2020 Marked a Renaissance in DDoS Attacks
1/29/2021 Extortion demands grow as cybercriminals target new online industries
1/28/2021 Everyone’s talking about Data Privacy Day, but who’s listening?
1/28/2021 Breach Data Highlights a Pivot to Orgs Over Individuals
1/19/2021 The SolarWinds Hackers Used Tactics Other Groups Will Copy
1/18/2021 SolarWinds hack is quickly reshaping Congress’s cybersecurity agenda
1/15/2021 Understanding third-party hacks in the aftermath of the SolarWinds breach
1/14/2021 Cloud Attacks Are Bypassing MFA, Feds Warn
1/14/2021 Shifting Privacy Landscape, Disruptive Technologies Will Test Businesses
1/14/2021 Businesses Struggle with Cloud Availability as Attackers Take Aim
1/14/2021 2020 Saw 6% Rise in Number of CVEs Reported