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We are committed to ensuring that the State of Mississippi receives the maximum use and benefit from information technology and services and to assisting our customers as they strive to reduce costs by capitalizing on shared technology and fully leveraging the State Data Centers to meet their technology needs.

September 17, 2019​

​"Information technology isn’t what it was a year a​go; it continues to change at a rapid pace. The Mississippi Digital Government Summit will offer an interactive, high-energy venue for you to gain the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in a constantly evolving industry, as well as the opportunity to connect and enga​ge in discussions with leaders in government IT. I hope you’ll join us for networking and the chance to learn from others who are committed to information technology innovation and leadership in the public sector!"

Dr. Craig P. Orgeron, Chief Information Officer and Executive Director, Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services 


Article Date:   7/24/2019    |   Expiration Date:   10/1/2019

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