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About Eastwood Education Center

The Eastwood Education Center is located at 3771 Eastwood Drive, Jackson, Mississippi 39211. The Center has two computer training labs. These labs are available for rental by state agencies.

Classes are taught by highly trained individuals who work in the industry or teach at state colleges and universities. Eastwood Education Center classes are taught by individuals with a wide range of knowledge, as well as exceptional teaching skills.

NEW - Registration Information (Effective September 5, 2017)
To register for a class or apply for on-line training annual subscriptions, please register online via the MAGIC Portal.​​​​

Students and their supervisors should pay close attention to prerequisites for each course offered. Students who do not meet the prerequisites should not register for the course. Instructors will not be responsible for covering material related to course prerequisites.

Class Size
Class enrollment will be on a "first come, first served" basis. Class size is limited, and Eastwood Education Center reserves the right to establish class size and limit the number of students from each agency if the class size has to be cut. The Eastwood Education Center reserves the right to cancel any class due to under-enrollment or other reasonable cause.

Text Books and Materials
Training materials provided for in-class use only.

Class Confirmation
Registered students will be notified of the exact starting dates, instructors, and locations for each class 7-10 days prior to the first day of class.

Cancellations & Substitutions
Registrants of Eastwood Education Center-conducted classes who cancel within 10 days of the first class meeting will be billed the full tuition. Registrants of vendor-conducted classes who cancel within 30 days of the first class meeting will be billed the full tuition. Substitutions are permissible any time prior to and including the day on which the course begins.

The total charge for Eastwood Education Center classes includes tuition, lab fee, and materials fee.

For More Information Contact:
Susan Meek, Eastwood Education Center
Phone:(601) 432-8186
Fax:(601) 713-6380