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Online Training Services Contract

ITS has entered into an agreement with Skillsoft to provide self-paced, on-line training to Mississippi public entities.  State agencies, county and local governments, public schools, and institutions of higher learning are eligible to participate in this agreement.

Skillsoft offers over 5,100 courses available via the Internet.  For a complete listing, visit  http://www.skillsoft.com/.

Training is available anywhere, anytime.  Students advance at their own pace and can return to the courses for "just-in-time" reference.  Skill Assessment helps students measure their progress.  There is sound instructional design and consistent content for all students.  Throughout the courses there are multi-step simulations to give students an opportunity to practice what they have learned.

Available On-line Training Annual Subscriptions and Cost:

  • SKILLCHOICE COMPLETE - $185 per person
    (includes Technical, Business, and Desktop courses, e-books & mentoring)
  • FULL LIBRARY - $125 per person
    (includes Technical, Business, and Desktop courses, & mentoring)
  • TECHNICAL LIBRARY - $125 per person
    (includes Technical courses, e-books, & mentoring)
  • BUSINESS LIBRARY - $125 per person
    (includes Business courses, e-books, & mentoring)
  • DESKTOP LIBRARY - $45.40 per person
    (includes Desktop courses & e-books)

If an employee leaves the department, the student ID may be reassigned to another staff member for the balance of the license period.  Access to all courses is one price per student, which includes technical support, marketing support, and reporting capabilities.  Installation is minimal since courses play directly from standard browsers and use a Shockwave plug-in for simulations.

Please visit www.skillsoft.com for more course information or for a free demo course.

To apply for on-line training annual subscriptions, please register online via the MAGIC Portal.​​​​

For More Information Contact:
Susan Meek, Education Coordinator
Phone: (601) 432-8186
Fax: (601) 713-6380

​Crystal Noddin, Skillsoft Account Executive

Phone: (506) 462-1310