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The links below are news articles regarding state and local cybersecurity. These links ar​e provided for informational purposes only and as a service to our visitors. It is the responsibility of the visitor to evaluate the content and usefulness of information obtained from these external sites. Once a visitor leaves the Mississippi Department of ITS web site and links to an external site, our web site policies are no longer applicable and the visitor will be subject to the new site's policies. Any problems, concerns or issues with these external sites should be directed to the site administrator or webmaster of those sites.

November 2020
Article Date Article Title
11/20/2020 56% of organizations faced a ransomware attack, many paid the ransom
11/19/2020 Cybercriminals Get Creative With Google Services
11/19/2020 The Yellow Brick Road to Risk Management
11/19/2020 Oregon County Hit by Ransomware Attack
11/19/2020 Cisco Webex vulnerabilities may enable attackers to covertly join meetings
11/6/2020 Ransomware Groups Posting Stolen Data Even After Payment
11/6/2020 In Q2 2020, there was an average of 419 new threats per minute
11/5/2020 Digital Transformation Means Security Must Also Transform
11/5/2020 The One Critical Element to Hardening Your Employees' Mobile Security
11/4/2020 How to deal with the escalating phishing threat
October 2020
Article Date Article Title
10/23/2020 5 tips to reduce the risk of email impersonation attacks
10/22/2020 Pandemic Brings Rise in Cyberattacks Across the Globe
10/22/2020 US: Russian hackers targeting state, local networks
10/22/2020 Microsoft Teams Phishing Attack Targets Office 365 Users
10/15/2020 State CIOs face same cyber issues as corporate peers, with budget constraints
10/15/2020 Microsoft Office 365 Accounts a Big Target for Attackers
10/15/2020 As attackers evolve their tactics, continuous cybersecurity education is a must
10/14/2020 Assuring Business Continuity by Reducing Malware Dwell Time
10/14/2020 With database attacks on the rise, how can companies protect themselves?
10/9/2020 Emotet 101: How the Ransomware Works -- and Why It's So Darn Effective
10/8/2020 Threat of fines, not FUD, drives board decisions on cybersecurity spend
10/8/2020 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses | Avast
10/8/2020 A Cybersecurity Checklist For The New Norm
10/8/2020 One-fifth of organizations did not make cybersecurity a priority during the pandemic
10/1/2020 U.S. Treasury warns cyber insurers payments to hackers may violate sanctions
10/1/2020 It Won't Happen to Me': Employee Apathy Prevails Despite Greater Cybersecurity Awareness
10/1/2020 61% of business don’t apply basic password security techniques, here’s how to
10/1/2020 Half of organizations experienced security incidents while working remotely
September 2020
Article Date Article Title
9/29/2020 Microsoft report shows increasing sophistication of cyber threats
9/25/2020 New cybersecurity threat - Credential stuffing
9/24/2020 Cybersecurity: Your supply chain is now your weakest link
9/24/2020 Creating a New Cybersecurity ‘Norm’
9/24/2020 Malware Attacks Declined But Became More Evasive in Q2
9/23/2020 The Cybersecurity 202: This was the month cyberattacks turned fatal
9/18/2020 Justifying your 2021 cybersecurity budget
9/17/2020 More than 80% of government cybersecurity leaders say private-public partnerships a necessity
9/17/2020 Cybersecurity: the Dos, the Don’ts and the Legal Issues You Need to Understand
9/16/2020 Report Looks at COVID-19’s Massive Impact on Cybersecurity
9/16/2020 The changing threat landscape in today’s cybersecurity
9/11/2020 Cybersecurity claims trends amid COVID-19
9/10/2020 How to Communicate With Your Remote Workers About Cybersecurity
9/9/2020 Creating a Cybersecurity Culture Starts With Your Team
9/8/2020 Cybersecurity Companies Expose Sensitive Data Online​
9/8/2020 Cybersecurity after COVID-19: Securing orgs against the new threat landscape
9/4/2020 Why data is the missing link in your cybersecurity strategy
9/4/2020 How we collect, use, store and protect your personal data
9/3/2020 Which cybersecurity failures cost companies the most and which defenses have the highest ROI?
9/3/2020 Love, hate and cybersecurity
August 2020
Article Date Article Title
8/27/2020 Why The 'C' In CEO Must Include Cybersecurity
8/26/2020 A 2020 approach to security: People matter
8/25/2020 8 steps towards a simple, airtight cybersecurity plan
8/25/2020 5 Questions Public Leaders Should Ask About Cybersecurity
8/24/2020 Microsoft says the pandemic has changed the future of cybersecurity in these five ways
8/21/2020 Know the threats to mobile security
8/20/2020 How the shift to remote working has impacted cybersecurity
8/20/2020 What enterprises should consider when it comes to IoT security
8/19/2020 New Vulnerability Threatens IoT Devices
8/18/2020 Nearly 40% of Firms Fired Staff for Security Policy Breaches
8/14/2020 How cybercriminals are exploiting US unemployment benefits to make money
8/14/2020 Most security pros are concerned about human error exposing cloud data
8/13/2020 Zero trust is critical, but very underused
8/12/2020 Cybersecurity: These two basic flaws make it easy for hackers to break into your systems
8/12/2020 Four Cybersecurity Tips Every Small Business Can Implement
8/6/2020 25% of IT workers don’t enforce security policies
8/6/2020 Misconfigured cloud storage services are commonplace in 93% of deployments
8/5/2020 4 in 10 organizations punish staff for cybersecurity errors
8/5/2020 COVID-19: Flattening the cybersecurity curve
July 2020
Article Date Article Title
7/29/2020 Remote Work Raises New Cybersecurity Challenges: Steps to Reshape Your Approach
March 2020
Article Date Article Title
3/13/2020 Hackers are using coronavirus concerns to trick you, cybersecurity pros warn
February 2020
Article Date Article Title
2/16/2020 Iranian hackers have been hacking VPN servers to plant backdoors in companies around the world
2/14/2020 Cyber Threat Actors Expected to Leverage Coronavirus Outbreak
2/11/2020 Why Ransomware Will Soon Target the Cloud
2/11/2020 Macs See More Adware, Unwanted Apps Than PCs
2/11/2020 Cybercriminals Swap Phishing for Credential Abuse, Vuln Exploits
2/6/2020 Which vulnerabilities were most exploited by cybercriminals in 2019?
2/4/2020 7 Ways SMBs Can Secure Their Websites
2/4/2020 New ransomware targets industrial control systems
2/3/2020 Three principles regarding encryption you need to keep in mind
January 2020
Article Date Article Title
1/29/2020 Number of Botnet Command & Control Servers Soared in 2019
1/29/2020 Why Companies Should Care about Data Privacy Day
1/28/2020 Data breach: Why it’s time to adopt a risk-based approach to cybersecurity
1/28/2020 52% of companies use cloud services that have experienced a breach
1/24/2020 Over half of organizations were successfully phished in 2019
1/22/2020 Big Microsoft data breach – 250 million records exposed
1/21/2020 Ransomware Upgrades with Credential-Stealing Tricks
1/21/2020 New Study Finds Cost of Cyberattacks Soaring in Florida
1/16/2020 Active Directory Needs an Update: Here's Why
1/15/2019 Why Firewalls Aren't Going Anywhere
1/15/2020 Cyber attackers turn to business disruption as primary attack objective
1/14/2020 A 101 guide to mobile device management
1/14/2020 Windows 7 computers will no longer be patched after today
1/7/2020 Texas Department of Agriculture Website Briefly Defaced