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May 2019
Article Date Article Title
5/15/2019 Microsoft plugs wormable RDP flaw, new speculative execution side channel vulnerabilities
5/14/2019 Baltimore Ransomware Attack Takes Strange Twist
5/13/2019 SharePoint servers under attack through CVE-2019-0604
April 2019
Article Date Article Title
4/24/2019 Microsoft is considering dropping its Windows password expiration policy
4/17/2019 Internet Explorer browser flaw threatens all Windows users
4/14/2019 Attackers hacked support agent to access Microsoft Outlook email accounts
4/12/2019 Enterprise VPN apps store authentication and session cookies insecurely
4/12/2019 Cloudy with a Chance of Security Breach
4/12/2019 Share Your Information With Care
4/11/2019 WPA3 design flaws affect security of new Wi-Fi standard
4/11/2019 New 'HOPLIGHT' Malware Appears in Latest North Korean Attacks, Say DHS, FBI
4/10/2019 Minnesota Breach May Have Exposed 11K Personal Records
4/10/2019 Privacy ‘Poisoning’ Cyberattacks Pose Risk to Blockchain
4/9/2019 Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes Windows Bugs Under Attack
4/8/2019 Insights gained from working on more than 750 cybersecurity incidents
4/8/2019 Ignore the Insider Threat at Your Peril
4/8/2019 Perimeter solutions: Do layers of security make a difference?
4/7/2019 Security Culture Questions to Consider
4/5/2019 Only 12% of enterprises are consistently able to detect insider threats
4/4/2019 New, Improved BEC Campaigns Target HR and Finance
4/4/2019 True Cybersecurity Means a Proactive Response
4/3/2019 Georgia Tech Data Breach Exposes 1.3 Million Users' Personal Data
March 2019
Article Date Article Title
3/28/2019 Everything I Needed to Know About Third-Party Risk Management, I Learned from Meet the Parents
3/28/2019 Enterprise Data Encryption Hits All-time High
3/27/2019 Encrypted attacks growing steadily, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting non-standard ports
3/27/2019 Weighing the options: The role of cyber insurance in ransomware attacks
3/26/2019 Small Businesses Turn to Managed Service Providers for Security
3/26/2019 How to build an effective vulnerability management program
3/26/2019 Phishing Attack Leaves Oregon State Employees Unable to Email
3/26/2019 Insurers Collaborate on Cybersecurity Ratings
3/26/2019 FEMA exposes sensitive data of 2.3 million disaster survivors
3/26/2019 Cybercriminals are increasingly using encryption to conceal and launch attacks
3/25/2019 Thousands of API and cryptographic keys leaking on GitHub every day
3/25/2019 IT Leaders, Employees Divided on Data Security
3/22/2019 Welfare, Children’s Programs Affected by Oregon Data Breach
3/22/2019 State Auditor raises red flag on cybersecurity vulnerabilities
3/22/2019 Identity and Access Management: Who Are We Online?
3/20/2019 TLS 1.3: A Good News/Bad News Scenario
3/18/2019 Cryptojacking of businesses’ cloud resources still going strong
3/15/2019 How Patch Posture Reporting Improves Security Landscapes
3/15/2019 How to Spot and Avoid Common Scams
3/14/2019 4 Reasons to Take an 'Inside Out' View of Security
3/14/2019 Hackers Shut Down Mass. Public Defender System for Weeks
3/13/2019 Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure a Big Target for Cryptomining Attacks
3/12/2019 An Apple a Day Won’t Improve Your Security Hygiene, But a Cyber Doctor Might
3/12/2019 Box Mistakes Leave Enterprise Data Exposed
3/12/2019 The 12 Worst Serverless Security Risks
3/11/2019 3 Places Security Teams Are Wasting Time
3/8/2019 Citrix Hacked by 'International Cybercriminals'
3/7/2019 How are execs tackling cyber risk that comes with digital transformation?
3/7/2019 For enterprises, malware is the most expensive type of attack
3/7/2019 Organizations still ignoring a large piece of their cybersecurity defense
3/6/2019 To Improve Security, We Must Focus on Its People
3/6/2019 Fighting Alert Fatigue with Actionable Intelligence
3/6/2019 Users are too confident in their protection from threats
3/5/2019 How malware traverses your network without you knowing about it
3/5/2019 Care and Feeding of Your SIEM
3/5/2019 Phishers shift efforts to attack SaaS and webmail services
3/5/2019 Medical Center Data Leak May Have Exposed 45K Patients
3/1/2019 Enterprises are blind to over half of malware sent to their employees
3/1/2019 Encryption Offers Safe Haven for Criminals and Malware
3/1/2019 Security Experts, Not Users, Are the Weakest Link
February 2019
Article Date Article Title
2/28/2019 Phishing, software supply chain attacks greatest threats for businesses
2/28/2019 Privileged credential abuse is involved in 74% of data breaches
2/27/2019 Persistent Attackers Rarely Use Bespoke Malware
2/27/2019 Consumer attitudes towards security breaches are changing significantly
2/26/2019 Attackers Continue to Focus on Users, Well-Worn Techniques
2/26/2019 Social Media Platforms Double as Major Malware Distribution Centers
2/25/2019 Businesses believe they should be patching their Android devices more frequently
2/25/2019 New Vulnerabilities Make RDP Risks Far from Remote
2/25/2019 TurboTax Hit with Credential Stuffing Attack, Tax Returns Compromised
2/23/2019 Why Many Organizations Still Don't Understand Security
2/22/2019 Exposure of sensitive data via cloud applications and services increases 20%
2/22/2019 To Mitigate Advanced Threats, Put People Ahead of Tech
2/22/2019 New Legislation Builds on California Data Breach Law
2/22/2019 New Malware Campaign Targets Job Seekers
2/22/2019 New Malware Campaign Targets Job Seekers
2/21/2019 How are businesses facing the cybersecurity challenges of increasing cloud adoption?
2/21/2019 Formjacking is the new get rich quick scheme for cybercriminals
2/21/2019 Researchers Propose New Approach to Address Online Password-Guessing Attacks
2/20/2019 The Anatomy of a Lazy Phish
2/20/2019 As Businesses Move Critical Data to Cloud, Security Risks Abound
2/20/2019 Phishers’ new trick for bypassing email URL filters
2/20/2019 Flawed password managers allow malware to steal passwords from computer memory
2/19/2019 Breach in Stanford System Exposes Student Records
2/19/2019 19 Minutes to Escalation: Russian Hackers Move the Fastest
2/18/2019 Privacy Ops: The New Nexus for CISOs & DPOs
2/18/2019 2018 saw 6,515 reported breaches, exposing 5 billion sensitive records
2/14/2019 Challenges, risks & costs of securing cloud technology
2/14/2019 NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Five years later
2/13/2019 Lessons Learned from a Hard-Hitting Security Review
2/13/2019 SMBs spending a day each week dealing with cybersecurity issues
2/12/2019 Cybersecurity and the Human Element: We're All Fallible
2/12/2019 Staying Safe from Tax Scams
2/11/2019 Average DDoS attack volumes grew by 194% in 12 months
2/10/2019 To Understand IoT Security: Look to the Clouds
2/8/2019 6 Reasons to Be Wary of Encryption in Your Enterprise
2/8/2019 Infosec pros believe data isn’t secure in the cloud, despite desire for mass adoption
2/8/2019 Cybersecurity in 2019: A Time for Bigger Budgets and More Talent (Contributed)
2/8/2019 Malware Campaign Hides Ransomware in Super Mario Wrapper
2/8/2019 Rubrik Data Leak is Another Cloud Misconfiguration Horror Story
2/8/2019 Suspicion falls on China after cyber attack on Australian Parliament — and it's not surprising
2/8/2019 Student gets creative with data accidentally blasted out by university
2/8/2019 New Zombie 'POODLE' Attack Bred from TLS Flaw
2/6/2019 7 Tips for Communicating with the Board
2/4/2019 Four differences between the GDPR and the CCPA
2/4/2019 Is Your VPN Secure?
January 2019
Article Date Article Title
1/30/2019 Enterprises are struggling with cloud complexity and security
1/29/2019 Remote Access & the Diminishing Security Perimeter
1/28/2019 Should Washington State Embrace European-Style Privacy Laws?
1/24/2019 January 28th is National Data Privacy Day
1/24/2019 How Government Procurement Can Foster Private Sector Cybersecurity
1/24/2019 Why Cybersecurity Must Be a Top Priority for Small & Midsize Businesses
1/23/2019 Enterprise Malware Detections Up 79% as Attackers Refocus
1/23/2019 The Evolution of SIEM
1/23/2019 Should enterprises delay efforts to remediate most vulnerabilities?
1/21/2019 Shadow IT, IaaS & the Security Imperative
1/21/2019 Beware the man in the cloud: How to protect against a new breed of cyberattack
1/21/2019 Bug in widespread Wi-Fi chipset firmware can lead to zero-click code execution
1/18/2019 Baltimore Orders Security Review After Potential Staff Hack
1/17/2019 Encryption is key to protecting information as it travels outside the network
1/17/2019 773 million records exposed in massive data breach
1/17/2019 The Security Perimeter Is Dead; Long Live the New Endpoint Perimeter
1/17/2019 New Attacks Target Recent PHP Framework Vulnerability
1/16/2019 Millions of Oklahoma Gov Files Exposed by Wide-Open Server
1/15/2019 3 Key Metrics in Cyber Risk Analytics
1/15/2019 Why Cyberattacks Are the No. 1 Risk
1/14/2019 Trickbot becomes one of the most dangerous pieces of modular malware hitting enterprises
1/14/2019 Advanced Phishing Scenarios You Will Most Likely Encounter This Year
1/11/2019 BEC-style attacks exploded in Q4 2018
1/11/2019 Who Takes Responsibility for Cyberattacks in the Cloud?
1/10/2019 Hackers Using Zero-Width Spaces to Bypass MS Office 35 Protection
1/9/2019 6 Ways to Beat Back BEC Attacks
1/9/2019 Security Concerns Limit Remote Work Opportunities
1/9/2019 Web Vulnerabilities Up, IoT Flaws Down
1/8/2019 The rising importance of Data Loss Prevention in today’s data protection landscape
1/8/2019 New 'Crypto Dusting' Attack Gives Cash, Takes Reputation
1/7/2019 Stronger DNS Security Stymies Would-Be Criminals
1/3/2019 Apple Phone Phishing Scams Getting Better
1/2/2019 AI in Security Carries as Many Questions as Answers
1/2/2019 Cyberattack Halts Publication for US Newspapers
December 2018
Article Date Article Title
12/30/2018 School district fails to reclaim $120,000 wired by bank to scammer
12/21/2018 7 Business Metrics Security Pros Need to Know
12/21/2018 Amazon Slip-Up Shows How Much Alexa Really Knows
12/20/2018 The benefits and limitations of AI in cybersecurity
12/20/2018 Hackers Bypass Gmail, Yahoo 2FA at Scale
12/18/2018 Warding off security vulnerabilities with centralized data
12/18/2018 Hackers have become increasingly deft at stealing student data
12/19/2018 How to Remotely Brick a Server
12/17/2018 The Dark Web: Is Your Agency at Risk? (Contributed)
12/17/2018 Disk-Wiping 'Shamoon' Malware Resurfaces With File-Erasing Malware in Tow
12/17/2018 Equifax: A study in accountability but not authority responsibility
12/17/2018 Cybercrime gangs continue to innovate to hide their crimes
12/17/2018 US ballistic missile systems have very poor cyber-security
12/17/2018 53 Bugs in 50 Days: Researchers Fuzz Adobe Reader​
12/17/2018 CrowdStrike: More Organizations Now Self-Detect Their Own Cyberattacks
12/14/2018 Most concerning security controls for cyberattackers? Deception and IDS
12/14/2018 Security and Privacy in the Connected Home
12/13/2018 Despite Breaches, Many Organizations Struggle to Quantify Cyber-Risks to Business /a>
12/13/2018 Universities Get Schooled by Hackers /a>
12/12/2018 Forget Shifting Security Left; It's Time to Race Left
12/12/2018 Securing and managing the enterprise Internet of Things
12/11/2018 49% of Cloud Databases Left Unencrypted
12/11/2018 Equifax Breach Underscores Need for Accountability, Simpler Architectures
12/11/2018 CrowdStrike: More Organizations Now Self-Detect Their Own Cyberattacks
12/11/2018 The Grinch Bot Before Christmas: A Security Story for the Holidays
12/10/2018 'Highly Active' Seedworm Group Hits IT Services, Governments
12/10/2018 6 CISO Resolutions for 2019
12/7/2018 Cybercrime Damages $6 Trillion By 2021
12/7/2018 The Year in Security 2018
12/7/2018 Old and new OpenSSH backdoors threaten Linux servers
12/6/2018 7 Common Breach Disclosure Mistakes
12/4/2018 5 Emerging Trends in Cybercrime
12/3/2018 Citrix security boss warns that cryptojackers are exploiting cloud ignorance
12/3/2018 YouTuber PewDiePie Promoted Via 50K Hacked Printers​
November 2018
Article Date Article Title
11/30/2018 Holiday Hacks: 6 Cyberthreats to Watch Right Now​
11/30/2018 FBI Arrests Student, Employee in University Hacking Case
11/30/2018 57m Americans’ details leaked online by another misconfigured server
11/30/2018 Massive Starwood Hotels Breach Hits 500 Million Guests
11/29/2018 Establishing True Trust in a Zero-Trust World
11/28/2018 Data Breach Threats Bigger Than Ever
11/28/2018 Why compliance is never enough
11/28/2018 Take cybersecurity into your own hands: Don’t rely on tech giants
11/28/2018 2.56M Users Potentially Affected in N.C. Health-Care Breach
11/28/2018 Incorrect Assessments of Data Value Putting Organizations at Risk
11/27/2018 8 Tips for Preventing Credential Theft Attacks on Critical Infrastructure
11/27/2018 Who's the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain?
11/26/2018 GDPR’s impact: The first six months
11/26/2018 Ransomware Attack Forced Ohio Hospital System to Divert ER Patients
11/26/2018 Internal negligence to blame for most data breaches involving personal health information
11/26/2018 Russia Linked Group Resurfaces With Large-Scale Phishing Campaign
11/21/2018 The state of BYOD and mobile device security
11/21/2018 Amazon Low-Key Reveals Breach of Some Customer Data
11/21/2018 Mirai Evolves From IoT Devices to Linux Servers
11/21/2018 Conficker: A 10-year retrospective on a legendary worm
11/20/2018 Cybersecurity at the Core
11/20/2018 Hackers Target Defense Community Through Impersonation
11/20/2018 ‘Good Actors’ Call for Reasonable Federal Privacy Law
11/20/2018 Staying Secure While Shopping Online
11/20/2018 6,500 Dark Web Sites Offline After Hosting Service Attacked
11/20/2018 $1B Department of Defense Audit Stresses Cybersecurity Failings
11/19/2018 Missing Flash Drive Sparks Security Concerns in Amarillo, Texas
11/16/2018 95% of Organizations Have Cultural Issues Around Cybersecurity
11/16/2018 Law firms are increasingly investing in cybersecurity programs
11/15/2018 Blockchain Like Using Sledgehammer on a Thumb Tack (Radio)
11/15/2018 Online shopping fraud to surge during Black Friday and Cyber Monday
11/14/2018 Phishing Attack Exposes Patient Records in Washington
11/14/2018 Small-Time Cybercriminals Landing Steady Low Blows
11/13/2018 RIP, 'IT Security'
11/12/2018 What is ‘smishing’?
11/5/2018 Passwords: Here to Stay, Despite Smart Alternatives?
11/5/2018 After the Breach: Tracing the 'Smoking Gun'
11/2/2018 Tackling Cybersecurity from the Inside Out
11/1/2018 30 Years Ago, the World’s First Cyberattack Set the Stage for Modern Cybersecurity Challenges