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The links below are news articles regarding state and local cybersecurity. These links are provided for informational purposes only and as a service to our visitors. It is the responsibility of the visitor to evaluate the content and usefulness of information obtained from these external sites. Once a visitor leaves the Mississippi Department of ITS web site and links to an external site, our web site policies are no longer applicable and the visitor will be subject to the new site's policies. Any problems, concerns or issues with these external sites should be directed to the site administrator or webmaster of those sites.

November 2019
Article Date Article Title
11/15/2019 How You’re Affected by Data Breaches
October 2019
Article Date Article Title
10/26/2019 Where Next After National Cyber Security Awareness Month?
10/23/2019 A data breach could be game over for a brand
10/22/2019 How Much Security Is Enough? Practitioners Weigh In
10/22/2019 Autoclerk Database Spills 179GB of Customer, US Government Data
10/21/2019 Deepfakes and voice as the next data breach
10/21/2019 Avast breached by hackers who wanted to compromise CCleaner again
10/18/2019 Tennessee Cybersecurity Unit Checks 1 Billion Threats Daily
10/18/2019 Managing Software Updates Still a Government Stumbling Block
10/16/2019 How to Build a Rock-Solid Cybersecurity Culture
10/14/2019 When Using Cloud, Paranoia Can Pay Off
10/13/2019 Book Review: 'Cybersecurity Is Everybody’s Business'
10/11/2019 FBI: Phishing Can Defeat Two-Factor Authentication
10/11/2019 7 SMB Security Tips That Will Keep Your Company Safe
10/11/2019 11 steps organizations should take to improve their incident response strategy
10/9/2019 A Realistic Threat Model for the Masses
10/9/2019 Workers Pose the Biggest Cybersecurity Threat, Report Says
10/8/2019 Glitching: The Hardware Attack That Can Disrupt Secure Software
10/3/2019 Good cybersecurity comes from focusing on the right things, but what are they?
10/3/2019 Ransomware Hampers Operations for Public Hospital System
September 2019
Article Date Article Title
9/27/2019 No Data Lost in Virus Attack on Maine State Networks
9/26/2019 Ransomware Hits Multiple, Older Vulnerabilities
9/25/2019 Web Attacks Focus on SQL Injection, Malware on Credentials
9/20/2019 Ransomware Strikes 49 School Districts & Colleges in 2019
9/20/2019 Cybersecurity Tips for K-12 Kids, Family, and Friends
9/18/2019 How Cybercriminals Exploit Simple Human Mistakes
9/9/2019 More Than 99% of Cyberattacks Need Victims' Help
9/9/2019 Cybersecurity issues can’t be solved by simply buying a product
9/6/2019 Hackers get $4.2 million from Oklahoma pension fund for retired troopers, state agents
9/5/2019 It's Not Healthy to Confuse Compliance with Security
9/4/2019 City Leaders Must Realize the Value of Cybersecurity (Opinion)
9/3/2019 Recent ransomware surge linked to Russian criminal group
August 2019
Article Date Article Title
8/27/2019 Loss of Windows 7 Support Leads to $1M Upgrades for Maine
8/202019 5 Ways to Improve the Patching Process
8/25/2019 Lessons Learned from Federal Agency Cybersecurity Projects
8/19/2019 Modern Technology, Modern Mistakes
8/19/2019 Towns Across Texas Hit in Coordinated Ransomware Attack
8/15/2019 7 Biggest Cloud Security Blind Spots
8/15/2019 More Than 20 Data Breaches Reported Per Day in First Half of 2019
8/12/2019 Why School Systems? The Rise of Ransomware in Public Schools
8/7/2019 Data Breach Exposes Personal Info for 53,000 Illinois Students
8/5/2019 Ransomware, “wiper” malware attacks have more than doubled, IBM team says
8/5/2019 Capital One Breach Latest Example of Cybersecurity Realities
July 2019
Article Date Article Title
7/30/2019 Insecure Real-Time Video Protocols Allow Hollywood-Style Hacking
7/29/2019 9 Things That Don't Worry You Today (But Should)
7/29/2019 4 Network Security Mistakes Bound to Bite You
7/29/2019 Capital One Says Breach Hit 100 Million Individuals in U.S.
7/29/2019 Georgia Public Safety Agency Hit with Ransomware Attack
7/24/2019 The Commoditization of Multistage Malware Attacks
7/23/2019 Penetration Test Data Shows Risk to Domain Admin Credentials
7/23/2019 Business Email Compromise: Thinking Beyond Wire Transfers
7/23/2019 Thwart the pressing threat of RDP password attacks
7/22/2019 How Cybercriminals Break into the Microsoft Cloud
7/18/2019 True passwordless authentication is still quite a while away
7/12/2019 Cybersecurity Frameworks - Types, Strategies, Implementation and Benefits
7/12/2019 Back to Basics with Log Management, SIEMs & MSSPs
7/11/2019 Prioritizing security efforts is key to data security in the cloud
7/11/2019 More than 2 million cyber incidents in 2018 created $45 billion in losses
7/9/2019 Taking hybrid cloud security to the next level
7/9/2019 Marriott Faces $124 Million GDPR Fine in UK
7/8/2019 7 Hot Cybersecurity Trends to Be Highlighted at Black Hat
7/8/2019 Maryland Grapples with Exposure of 78K Personal Records
7/8/2019 Post-Data Breach, British Airways Slapped With Record $230M Fine
7/1/2019 As Privacy Concerns Grow, States Create Bold Policies
7/1/2019 Ransomware Hits Georgia Court System
June 2019
Article Date Article Title
6/28/2019 Cloud Provider PCM Suffers Data Breach
6/26/2019 Cloud security exacerbated by immature security practices
6/26/2019 New Linux Worm Attacks IoT Devices
6/25/2019 Despite Cyber-Risks, Federal Agencies Are Not Taking Action
6/25/2019 Companies on Watch After US, Iran Claim Cyberattacks
6/20/2019 Florida Town Pays $600K to Ransomware Operators
6/17/2019 Human error still the cause of many data breaches
6/17/2019 A Spate of University Breaches Highlight Email Threats in Higher Ed
6/13/2019 SQL Injection Attacks Represent Two-Third of All Web App Attacks
6/12/2019 Predicting Vulnerability Weaponization
6/10/2019 Cognitive Bias Can Hamper Security Decisions
6/7/2019 What’s the best approach to patching vulnerabilities?
6/7/2019 Vulnerability Found in Millions of Email Systems
6/6/2019 Inside the Criminal Businesses Built to Target Enterprises
6/4/2019 Carbanak Attack: Two Hours to Total Compromise
6/3/2019 Baltimore Ransomware Attacker Was Behind Now-Suspended Twitter Account
6/3/2019 Microsoft Urges Businesses to Patch 'BlueKeep' Flaw
6/2/2019 Ransomware: Who’s to Blame or Not to Blame in Baltimore Attack?
May 2019
Article Date Article Title
5/30/2019 Estimates Put Baltimore’s Ransomware Recovery at $18.2M
5/30/2019 Security overconfidence and immaturity continue to endanger organizations
5/30/2019 2.3B Files Currently Exposed via Online Storage
5/26/2019 Google's own data proves two-factor is the best defense against most account hacks
5/23/2019 To Manage Security Risk, Manage Data First
5/23/2019 If you haven’t yet patched the BlueKeep RDP vulnerability, do so now
5/22/2019 Getting ready for digital transformation: The biggest cybersecurity challenges
5/22/2019 Consumer IoT Devices Are Compromising Enterprise Networks
5/21/2019 Securing Online Account with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
5/21/2019 Organized Crime Behind Virus Affecting Ohio Schools, FBI Says
5/20/2019 Ransomware and malware attacks decline, attackers adopting covert tactics
5/17/2019 Q1 2019 Smashes Record For Most Reported Vulnerabilities in a Quarter
5/17/2019 Faulty database script brings Salesforce to its knees
5/17/2019 The largest cybersecurity breaches of the past three years, and their effects on companies
5/15/2019 Security spring cleaning: 5 tips for tidying up network safeguards
5/15/2019 Organizations dissatisfied with WAFs ineffective protection, time-consuming management, high cost
5/15/2019 Microsoft plugs wormable RDP flaw, new speculative execution side channel vulnerabilities
5/14/2019 The lurking danger of hacked email reply chains
5/14/2019 Website Attack Attempts Rose by 69% in 2018
5/14/2019 Baltimore Ransomware Attack Takes Strange Twist
5/13/2019 SharePoint servers under attack through CVE-2019-0604
5/8/2019 Cyber Espionage Targeting Public Sector Rose 168% In 2018
5/6/2019 Government embracing digital transformation but struggling to implement data security