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We partner with our customers and private sector companies to optimize the use of information technology resources for enhanced delivery of government services. ITS understands technology is the driving force behind your daily operations and we offer a full range of solutions designed to put technology to work for you.


Cyber Security Basics

Backup Your Files​
Developing a backup and recovery plan for data residing on your computer is an important step every computer user and organization should t​ake.

Email Scams
The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) provides information for recognizing and avoiding email scams.

Avoiding Many Types of Malware
Malware is any software that is designed to cause damage to and/or unauthorized access to devices or networks. Malware comes in many forms, all of which can have negative effects on your device and for you.

Mobile and Device Security​
These devices contain everything from your banking and payment information to your treasured family photos, and ensuring they are secure and protected is paramount.

Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.
Ten tips for improving the security of your information.

Wi-Fi Security​
The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) provides important information on Wi-Fi security.

Before You Connect a New Computer to the Internet
This Tech Tip provides guidance for users connecting a new (or newly upgraded) computer to the Internet for the first time.

Scams and Safety On the Internet
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provides important information on protecting your computer.​

Keep Your Home Network Secure
The National Security Agency (NSA) provides important information on protecting your home network.

You Have a New Computer - Now What?
The US-CERT provides information on connecting a new computer to the Internet for the first time.

Secure Your Web Browser
The US-CERT provides information on securing your web browser.

Virus Basics
The US-CERT provides helpful information about viruses.​

Home Wireless Setup 101​
This Global Knowledge whitepaper​ provides recommendations that home users can implement when setting up a wireless network.