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Security Advisories

The following security advisories were issued by the Information Security Division of the Mississippi Department of ITS and were intended for State government entities. The information may or may not be applicable to the general public and accordingly, the State does not warrant its use for any specific purposes.

collapse 2021
 collapse January 2021
1/14/2021Multiple Vulnerabilities in Siemens Solid Edge Visualization (ICSA-21-012-04)
1/13/2021Multiple Vulnerabilities in Siemens JT2Go and Teamcenter Visualization (ICSA-21-012-03)
1/12/2021A Vulnerability in Adobe Photoshop (APSB21-01)
1/12/2021A Vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox
1/12/2021Critical Patches Issued for Microsoft Products, January 12, 2021
1/8/2021Multiple Vulnerabilities in PHP
1/6/2021Multiple Vulnerabilities in Fortinet FortiWeb
1/4/2021A vulnerability in Zyxel Firewall and AP Controllers Could Allow for Administrative Access
1/4/2021Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Android OS
collapse 2020
 collapse December 2020
12/29/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in ArubaNetworks ArubaOS and SD-WAN
12/21/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Treck TCP-IP Stack
12/18/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in SolarWinds N-Central
12/17/2020A Vulnerability in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Systems Insight Management
12/16/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in SolarWinds Orion
12/16/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Firefox
12/15/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple Products
12/11/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco Jabber
12/9/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Various Opensource TCP-IP Stack
12/8/2020A Vulnerability in Apache Struts
12/8/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Android OS
12/8/2020Critical Patches Issued for Microsoft Products
12/4/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome
12/2/2020A Vulnerability in Mozilla Thunderbird
 collapse November 2020
11/18/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird
11/18/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome
11/18/2020A Vulnerability in Drupal
11/13/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple Products
11/11/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome
11/10/2020Critical Patches Issued for Microsoft Products, November 10, 2020
11/10/2020A Vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox
11/5/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple Products
11/4/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome
11/3/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader (APSB20-67)
 collapse October 2020
10/22/2020A Vulnerability with Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance and Firepower Threat Defense Could Allow for Denial of Service
10/21/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Firefox
10/20/2020Oracle Quarterly Critical Patches Issued October 20, 2020
10/20/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in HP Intelligent Management Center (iMC)
10/20/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome
10/15/2020A Vulnerability in Juniper Junos OS Could Allow for Denial of Service
10/13/2020Critical Patches Issued for Microsoft Products, October 13, 2020
10/13/2020A Vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player (APSB20-58)
10/7/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome
10/6/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Android OS
 collapse September 2020
9/25/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple Products
9/24/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge
9/22/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Firefox
9/22/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome
9/17/2020Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple Products
9/16/2020Critical Patches Issued for Microsoft Products, September 08, 2020
9/14/2020Critical Patches Issued for Microsoft Products, August 11, 2020
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