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We partner with our customers and private sector companies to optimize the use of information technology resources for enhanced delivery of government services. ITS understands technology is the driving force behind your daily operations and we offer a full range of solutions designed to put technology to work for you.

EDUCATING (Eastwood Education Center)

EDUCATING (Eastwood Education Center)

The ITS Eastwood Education Center offers an ongoing educational program designed to enhance and improve the computer and communication skills of personnel. Through continued education, we ensure a quality workforce serving the citizens of Mississippi.

We offer

ITS provides a broad range of technology and communications course in-house at ITS, as well as through a contract with Systems IT. The courses offered are determined by customer demand and can be developed to specifically address technology in the government environment.

ITS currently offers online training opportunities through a contract with Skillsoft. This contract provides access to approximately 3,200 technology and business related courses that have been developed by industry-leading experts to ensure that they build talent and develop a more knowledgeable, productive, and valuable workforce. Skillsoft provides these standard courses, as well as custom program development. Customer support specialist are available 24x7.

ITS has the resources to provide instruction in almost any information systems area needed by state government employees. In addition to the regularly scheduled courses, ITS can design custom classes tailored to meet your agency's specific training needs. These custom classes can be provided either at ITS' training facilities or at your location, based upon your specific needs.

ITS offers multiple options for security-specific training and awareness through instructor led and online courses. ITS also provides onsite awareness training and awareness training materials on our website.

ITS has exceptional training facilities available during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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