We provide customers with technical guidance and assistance in the acquisition of information technology solutions that provide the best combination of functionality and cost while maximizing the compatibility of Mississippi’s information resources.


Software EPL 3758: August 2015 - January 2019

Adobe CLP & TLP McAfee
Attachmate Novell
Autodesk Open Text (formerly Hummingbird)
Citrix Quest
Corel SAP Business Objects
Computer Associates Sophos
EMC-Networker & RepliStor Symantec Government
IBM Passport Agreement Trend Micro

Software EPL 3758 Instructions for Use

Scoring Matrix for Customers using the Software EPL 
These instructions in PDF format help the Customer score for "lowest and best" when soliciting quotes from multiple vendors approved under the Software EPL.

Scoring Matrix Excel Worksheet 
Use this excel worksheet with the above scoring instructions.

Check each of the following awarded vendors to see which software titles they are approved to sell.
Special Manufacturer Instructions