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Mississippi's Official Website Ranks Third in the Nation

For the second consecutive year, ms.gov has placed among top five best websites in country in the competition.

The awards program is the original and most respected state and local government digital technology competition in the United States, recognizing the best government digital innovations across the country. The Center for Digital Government has recognized Mississippi as having one of the best state websites in the country placing top ten in 2012 and 2013, fourth in 2015, and now third in 2016.

“We are appreciative of the recognition from Center for Digital Government. The Best of the Web is a renowned competition, recognizing the very best state websites nationally,” said Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. “Mississippi strives to provide the very best technology for our residents and seeing those efforts rewarded validates the hard work of all parties.”

The cornerstone of the 2016 ms.gov redesign is the integration with the popular digital assistant, Amazon Alexa. The “Ask Mississippi” Alexa skill, available to myMS users, enhances the citizen to government relationship in Mississippi, allowing residents to connect, hands-free, with state government. Without having to access a computer or pick up their phone citizens just have to ask to stay on top of important dates (“Alexa, ask Mississippi when my driver license expires”), contact the state (“Hey Alexa, Ask Mississippi, what is the phone number to the Department of Revenue?”), authenticate elected officials and facts (“Alexa, ask Mississippi who the current Governor is”), or learn more about our state (“Alexa, ask Mississippi what the state mammal is”). Mississippi was one of the first states to introduce digital assistant technology to citizens and has been featured in several national news outlets. Mississippians can load the Ask Mississippi skill to their Alexa App for free on any mobile device.

"We are proud to be on the cutting edge of hand-free, voice controlled technology integration,” said Dr. Craig Orgeron, Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services. “To be honored on a national scale for transforming the relationship between government and citizens is an honor.”

Ms.gov is a joint effort between the State of Mississippi and Mississippi’s e-Government partner, Mississippi Interactive (MSI).

To learn more, visit ms.gov


Article Date:   9/1/2016    |   Expiration Date:   12/31/2016

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