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Security Newsbriefs

The links below are news articles regarding state and local cybersecurity. These links are provided for informational purposes only and as a service to our visitors. It is the responsibility of the visitor to evaluate the content and usefulness of information obtained from these external sites. Once a visitor leaves the Mississippi Department of ITS web site and links to an external site, our web site policies are no longer applicable and the visitor will be subject to the new site's policies. Any problems, concerns or issues with these external sites should be directed to the site administrator or webmaster of those sites.

November 2017
Article Date Article Title
11/9/17 Mississippi business faced international cyber attack
11/5/17 Woman's ID stolen 15 times after Equifax breach
11/2/17 Iowa Employee Pension Accounts Compromised, Security Practices Scrutinized
11/2/17 A closer look at hybrid cloud security challenges
11/2/17 10 Mistakes End Users Make That Drive Security Managers Crazy
11/1/17 This destructive wiper ransomware was used to hide a stealthy hacking campaign
October 2017
Article Date Article Title
10/31/17 Office 365 Missed 34,000 Phishing Emails Last Month
10/31/17 The uphill battle for network defense
10/31/17 Don’t Be Catfished: Protecting Yourself From New Account Fraud
10/30/17 Cybersecurity Is an Information Game
10/30/17 Why Cybersecurity Awareness Must be a Boardroom issue
10/30/17 Man finds USB stick with Heathrow security plans, Queen’s travel details
10/27/17 Florida Sets Sights on Becoming Cybersecurity Front-Runner
10/27/17 3 Steps to Reduce Risk in Your Supply Chain
10/27/17 Hybrid IT environment requires hybrid cybersecurity
10/27/17 University Labs Put Cybersecurity Under the Microscope
10/26/17 Infosec expert viewpoint: DDoS attacks
10/25/17 How the federal government can improve security and save taxpayer dollars today
10/24/17 One-Third of Businesses Can't Keep Up with Cloud Security
10/24/17 Why Patching Software Is Hard: Technical Challenges
10/24/17 Nearly undectectable Microsoft Office exploit installs malware without an email attachment
10/23/17 Cybercriminals focus on the shipping and cloud storage sectors
10/23/17 U.S. critical infrastructure under persistent attack, US-CERT says
10/23/17 Security Training & Awareness: 3 Big Myths
10/20/17 Security Vulnerability Puts Linux Kernel at Risk
10/20/17 DMARC: States Should Follow Federal Directive to Enhance Email and Web Security
10/20/17 The Reaper IoT Botnet Has Already Infected a Million Networks
10/19/17 Attackers hijack state agency server for malware
10/19/17 Quarter of emails claiming to be from feds are malicious, unauthenticated, says cyber firm
10/19/17 Local government agencies remain concerned about lack of cyber awareness
10/19/17 Enterprise container security: There’s room for improvement
10/19/17 Most organizations don’t have SSH security policies in place
10/19/17 Business suffers as over-zealous security tools block legitimate work
10/19/17 Endpoint, cloud, people key to future cyber security, says McAfee
10/18/17 Digital transformation and the loss of security control
10/18/17 6 cybersecurity predictions (that might actually come true)
10/18/17 How to make your Google account more secure than ever before
10/17/17 Are your employees snooping on the corporate network?
10/17/17 Exclusive: Microsoft responded quietly after detecting secret database hack in 2013
10/16/17 Android DoubleLocker ransomware encrypts data, changes device PIN
10/15/17 Serious flaw in WPA2 protocol lets attackers intercept passwords and much more
10/13/17 Four ways colleges can strengthen their cybersecurity programs
10/13/17 Enterprises increasingly leveraging endpoint data for security investigations
10/13/17 Small Towns Confront Big Cyber-Risks
10/12/17 Researchers find 450,000 financial scams operating on social media
10/11/17 Israel warned the US about Kaspersky after hacking its network
10/12/17 Equifax’s site hacked to redirect info-seeking visitors to adware
10/10/17 Firms Unprepared for Public Disclosure of Cybersecurity Attacks, IBM Security Vice President Warns
10/10/17 How Companies Can Avoid The Next Equifax Attack
10/10/17 Unstructured Data: The Threat You Cannot See
10/9/17 Five Key Differences Between Personal and Enterprise Endpoint Security
10/9/17 Patching discrepancy between supported Windows versions puts users at risk
10/9/17 Hackers use organizations’ resources for stealthy cryptocurrency mining
10/9/17 5 worst cybersecurity habits with catastrophic consequences
10/9/17 Data Breach Exposes Hundreds of Student Records
10/6/17 81% of organizations fail to properly address cloud vulnerabilities, report says
10/6/17 Russian Hackers Breach NSA Cyber Program Via Agency Contractor, Kaspersky Vulnerability
10/6/17 Hogan Orders Improved Maryland Cybersecurity Plan
10/4/17 5 Deadly Sins of Privileged Access Management Put Firms in Harm's Way
10/4/17 Cybersecurity: Lessons from 5 States
10/4/17 Cybersecurity Incidents Spark the Call for Encrypted Data
10/3/17 Why Cybersecurity Is Unique for State and Local Governments
10/3/17 What Is Government's Responsibility When a Breach Hits?
10/3/17 Yahoo: All 3 Billion Accounts Affected in 2013 Breach
10/3/17 Russian Hacking Fuels Return to Paper Ballots
10/2/17 How attackers can take advantage of encrypted tunnels
10/2/17 Do Headline-Grabbing Breaches Change State Cybersecurity Strategy?
September 2017
Article Date Article Title
9/29/17 Inadequate IT processes continue to create major security and compliance risks
9/29/17 Company directors are increasingly involved with cybersecurity
9/28/17 Is this the year SIEM goes over the cliff?
9/27/17 Cybersecurity expert shares how to keep business data safe
9/27/17 Which security investments make a difference?
9/26/17 Cybercrime is costing each business a whopping $11.7M a year, report says
9/26/17 Equifax CEO Retires in Wake of Breach
9/25/17 Goodbye, login. Hello, heart scan.
9/22/17 How 'the invisible network' poses a major security threat
9/22/17 46,000 new phishing sites are created every day
9/20/17 Don’t Sweep Web Application Penetration Testing Under the Rug
9/20/17 Staying Secure on Social Media
9/19/17 Report: Government among most targeted for web application attacks
9/18/17 Avast CCleaner Compromised Amid Rise in Supply Chain Threats
9/17/17 An Unexpected Security Problem in the Cloud
9/16/17 Public, Hybrid Cloud Security Fears Abound
9/15/17 Artificial intelligence just made guessing your password a whole lot easier
9/15/17 IT professionals are an underused resource for cyber security
9/14/17 Cloud Security's Shared Responsibility Is Foggy
9/14/17 Equifax breach happened because of a missed patch
9/13/17 Billions of Bluetooth-enabled devices vulnerable to new airborne attacks
9/12/17 The 'Team of Teams' Model for Cybersecurity
9/11/17 7 Takeaways From The Equifax Data Breach
9/8/17 Equifax Data Breach Could Involve State Agencies but How, to What Extent Not Yet Clear
9/8/17 Equifax data breach: what you need to know
9/7/17 Microsoft: Ransomware Decline Reversed in March 2017
9/6/17 IT modernization efforts increase cybersecurity challenges, survey says
9/5/17 Data Breach Costs Vary Significantly by Organization
9/5/17 Companies Should Consider Cybersecurity a Matter of Ethics
9/3/17 Schools Are Prime Targets for Cyber Attacks, Survey Finds
9/1/17 US Government Site Was Hosting Ransomware
August 2017
Article Date Article Title
8/31/17 Rising database security threats require attention -- and action
8/30/17 7 Things to Know About Today's DDoS Attacks
8/30/17 Ransomware is Going More Corporate, Less Consumer
8/28/17 NIAC Cybersecurity Report Regarding Critical Infrastructure Issued
8/28/17 New, custom ransomware delivered to orgs via extremely targeted emails
8/25/17 Survey Highlights Cybersecurity Gaps Between Government and Private Sector
8/27/17 Artificial intelligence cyber attacks are coming – but what does that mean?
8/25/17 IoT Security Threats: Survey Finds Government, Financial Sectors Vulnerable
8/23/17 Understanding the dark web and how it factors into cybersecurity
8/23/17 84 Percent of IT Pros Attribute Cyber Security Incidents to Human Error
8/23/17 72% of Government Agencies Hit with Security Incidents
8/22/17 Disturbing lack of cyber attack awareness among directors
8/21/17 More Cyber-Attacks Occur on Weekends Than a Weekday, Study Reveals
8/20/17 Seven Keys to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Culture
8/18/17 ​Cloud is the ignored dimension of security: Cisco
8/18/17 50% of Ex-Employees Can Still Access Corporate Apps
8/17/17 3 Access Blind Spots That Can Put You at Risk
8/17/17 Lessons to learn after hackers hijack HBO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
8/17/17 NotPetya aftermath: Companies lost hundreds of millions
8/17/17 Booking a Taxi for Faketoken
8/15/17 Organizations Willing to Try Out Longer Passwords, Study Finds
8/15/17 8 More Chrome Extensions Hijacked to Target 4.8 Million Users
8/14/17 Enterprise security culture: Why you need it, and how to create it
8/13/17 Are Organizations Safe From Cyber Attacks? Experts Say Most Still Vulnerable
8/11/17 Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots and troubling browsing behaviors
8/10/17 Hackers' Little Helpers: Employees With Bad 'Cyber-Hygiene'
8/9/17 We can’t rely on black swans: Three areas to improve cyber policy now
8/9/17 Understanding your responsibility and security in the cloud
8/9/17 How a port misconfiguration exposed critical infrastructure data
8/8/17 Where does corporate cloud security responsibility begin and service provider responsibility end?
8/8/17 67% of Malware Attacks Came via Phishing in Second Quarter
8/7/17 Voting System Hacks Prompt Push for Paper-Based Voting
8/7/17 Obscuring malicious Facebook links using the Open Graph Protocol
8/4/17 How to select a suitable incident response program for your organization
8/4/17 Eye on Cybersecurity: 6 Priorities for Investment and Greater Leadership Attention
8/3/17 States Take a Comprehensive Approach to Improving Cybersecurity
8/3/17 Intrusion detection is speeding up: Is it enough to tackle global cyber threats
8/3/17 The anatomy of a completely fileless attack
8/3/17 Malicious content delivered over SSL/TLS has more than doubled in six months
8/3/17 Why Cybersecurity Needs a Human in the Loop
8/2/17 3 key cybersecurity trends and takeaways from Black Hat and DEF CON 2017
8/2/17 How enterprise IT security conversations have changed
8/2/17 Shark or not? 3 real-life security scenarios and how to tell which will really bite
8/2/17 Hackers impersonate women online to get into target corporate networks
8/1/17 Connected Home Devices: The Internet of Things
8/1/17 Five new threats to your mobile device security
8/1/17 Make Attorney-Client Privilege Part of Your Incident Response Strategy
8/1/17 Why SSL/TLS attacks are on the rise
8/1/17 HBO hacked, attackers leak GoT script and some episodes
July 2017
Article Date Article Title
7/31/17 Seagate to pay millions for forking over employee info to scammers
7/31/17 One lousy click: the phishing blunder that sank an entire product
7/28/17 Is Cloud Security a Safe Bet for Highly Sensitive Government Data?
7/27/17 Your infrastructure remains attractive, exposed, says Symantec cyberthreat report
7/27/17 An Internet-connected fish tank let hackers into a casino’s network
7/27/17 Employees working while on holiday open orgs to security risks
7/27/17 Most companies fail to measure cybersecurity effectiveness
7/26/17 Secrets of successful threat hunters and SOCs
7/26/17 Report: The top 5 cybersecurity threats of 2017
7/26/17 Adobe to pull plug on Flash, ending an era
7/25/17 6+ billion records exposed in data breaches in first half of 2017
7/24/17 Tips for Guarding Against Untraceable, 'Fileless' Cyberattacks
7/21/17 Every organization is only one click away from a potential compromise
7/20/17 Microsoft Office 365 Users Targeted in Brute Force Attacks
7/20/17 Over 5 million Social Security numbers exposed in Kansas breach: report
7/20/17 Cisco predicts a major increase in cyberattacks designed to destroy systems
7/19/17 Agencies’ approach to IoT security highlights differences in cybersecurity approach
7/18/17 Massive Amazon S3 leaks highlight user blind spots in enterprise race to the cloud
7/18/17 IoT Security Incidents Rampant and Costly
7/17/17 Android backdoor GhostCtrl can do many unusual things
7/17/17 Launch your own cybersecurity sprint: 30 days to improved security
7/15/17 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid When Mitigating Cyberthreats
7/14/17 CISO: To achieve security in IoT devices, remember the fundamentals
7/12/17 Over 14 Million Verizon Customers' Data Exposed On Unprotected AWS Server
7/11/17 Getting the most out of your SIEM investment
7/10/17 PoS malware hits food kiosks, steals payment card info
7/10/17 Washington State University Data Breach Teaches Valuable Cybersecurity Lesson (Editorial)
7/9/17 Seven Cyberactions for States after Recent Global Hacking Incidents
7/6/17 Five crucial ways to help keep a system safe from harm
7/6/17 Texas Association of School Boards Data Breach Exposes Teachers' Social Security Numbers
7/6/17 Mozilla Still Finds Failures in Website Security, Survey Shows
7/5/17 Security’s blind spot: The long-term state of exception
7/5/17 Erie County, Pa., Office of Children and Youth Experiences Data Breach
7/3/17 Rising information security threats, and what to do about them
7/3/17 Local Ohio Governments Focus on Cybersecurity After Attacks
7/1/17 Identifying and Reporting Common Scams
June 2017
Article Date Article Title
6/30/17 The role of web filtering in a modern security architecture
6/29/17 Top cloud challenges: Security, compliance, and cost control
6/29/17 Report: Twice as many IT professionals plan to build formal security teams in 2017
6/29/17 Why Enterprise Security Needs a New Focus
6/29/17 Azure AD Connect vulnerability allows attackers to reset admin passwords
6/28/17 What makes a good security analyst: The character traits you need
6/28/17 Criminalization of DNS for phishing continues to advance
6/28/17 Idaho State Websites Hack Part of Much Broader, Continuing 'Mischief' Attack
6/27/17 Hack that plants ISIS message hits another state government website
6/27/17 Cybersecurity battleground shifting to Linus and web servers
6/26/17 Anthem ready to pay $115 million to settle data breach lawsuit
6/23/17 Employee 'Phishing' Expeditions Among States' Tools for Cybersecurity Awareness
6/23/17 Organizations still unclear on cloud security responsibility
6/22/17 Cloud Security Lessons from the Voter Data Leak
6/22/17 Businesses finally realize that cyber defenses must evolve
6/21/17 White House Cyber Chief to Agency Leaders: Know Your Networks' Risks
6/21/17 PII of 1 million compromised in Washington State University safe heist
6/21/17 Hacktivist, Seeking Justice for Philando Castile, Breaches Minnesota Databases
6/20/17 Are the Dangers of Cyberattacks Targeting School Districts Being Overlooked?
6/20/17 Cybersecurity Fact vs. Fiction
6/20/17 Apple iOS Threats Fewer Than Android But More Deadly
6/20/17 Sun, Sand and Cybersecurity
6/19/17 How to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 10 tips
6/19/17 Amount of malware targeting smart devices more than doubled in 2017
6/15/17 1 Million Endpoints Exposed on Public Internet via Microsoft File-Sharing Services
6/14/17 By the Numbers: Parsing the Cybersecurity Challenge
6/13/17 Businesses Spend 1,156 Hours Per Week on Endpoint Security
6/13/17 The Rising Tide of Crimeware-as-a-Service
6/13/17 How a Single Email Stole $1.9 Million from Southern Oregon University
6/13/17 Russian Cyber Hacks on U.S. Electoral System Far Wider Than Previously Known
6/13/17 Poor endpoint security can cost you millions in detection, response, and wasted time
6/12/17 Building a strong cybersecurity program for the long haul
6/12/17 Where does the cyber security buck stop?
6/9/17 New Attack Method Delivers Malware Via Mouse Hover
6/9/17 Cybersecurity workforce gap to hit 1.8 million by 2022
6/8/17 Hide & Seek: Security Teams Lack Visibility in the Cloud
6/8/17 Outdated Operating Systems, Browsers Correlate with Real Data Breaches
6/8/17 Attack rates are increasing across the board
6/8/17 Bored employees seen as biggest potential data security risk
6/7/17 Defining Your Cyber Risk Appetite
6/7/17 Dark web fraud guides reveal potential threats to orgs
6/6/17 Survey looks at expanding cyberattack surface, ways to expand security perimeters
6/6/17 Application security trends: What you need to know
6/6/17 Outdated Software Commonplace on Enterprise Endpoints
6/2/17 IDC Overlooked Device Security Risks | HP Print Security | HP
6/2/17 It's About Time: Where Attackers Have the Upper Hand
6/2/17 The top 5 mobile security threats
6/1/17 OneLogin Breach Reignites Concerns over Password Managers
6/1/17 Cybersecurity in an IoT and mobile world: The key trends
6/1/17 Hackers hosted tools on a Stanford University website for months
6/1/17 FBI: 8 Steps to Prevent Phishing Attacks
May 2017
Article Date Article Title
5/31/17 94% believe unsecured IoT devices could lead to 'catastrophic' cybersecurity attack
5/30/17 The weakest link in your cybersecurity chain
5/30/17 Cybercrime Costs to Reach $8 Trillion by 2022
5/30/17 Securing the Human a Full-Time Commitment
5/29/17 6 reasons chip hacks will become more popular
5/26/17 Orgs failing to secure data in the cloud, says report
5/26/17 WannaCry Ransomware Campaign Was Just the First Wave
5/26/17 Are You Really Being Secure Online?
5/24/17 Target to Pay $18.5 Million to States in Data Breach Settlement
5/23/17 Data Breach, Vulnerability Data on Track to Set New Records in 2017
5/23/17 9 Ways Organizations Sabotage Their Own Security: Lessons from the Verizon DBIR
5/23/17 With Billions Spent on Cybersecurity, Why Are Problems Getting Worse?
5/23/17 Florida Agency Data Breach Exposes 469 Social Security Numbers, Concealed Weapons Holders
5/22/17 Network Traffic Provides Early Indication of Malware Infection
5/22/17 Emerging Threats to Add to Your Security Radar Screen
5/18/17 WannaCry is a painful reminder of why enterprises must stay current on software updates
5/17/17 Inside the Motivations Behind Modern Cyberattackers
5/16/17 Many firms, individuals slow to patch security vulnerabilities
5/16/17 How the WannaCry Attack Will Impact Cyber Security
5/16/17 How Many People Does It Take to Defend a Network?
5/15/17 Gone Phishing: How Internal Exercises Prepare Employees for Scammers
5/15/17 Cloud Increases Insider Threat Risk, MeriTalk Survey Finds
5/12/17 State IT Officials Talk 'WannaCry' Ransomware Attack That Disrupted Critical Services Worldwide
5/10/17 Is remote access technology leaving you vulnerable?
5/10/17 Businesses Not Properly Securing Microsoft Active Directory
5/9/17 How Pen-Testing Protects Your Federal Agency
5/9/17 Shining a Light on Security’s Grey Areas: Process, People, Technology
5/8/17 Aflac CISO: Insurance Sector Ramps Up Cyber Defenses
5/8/17 Are you encrypting your documents? Here’s what happens when you don’t
5/8/17 Rudimentary attacks pose the greatest risk to midsized organizations
5/4/17 Midsize Businesses Prove Easy Attack Targets
5/3/17 Netflix Incident a Sign of Increase in Cyber Extortion Campaigns
5/3/17 Healthcare Breaches Hit All-Time High in 2016
5/3/17 Seeing Security from the Other Side of the Window
5/3/17 Google Docs Phishing Attack Abuses Legitimate Third-Party Sharing
5/2/17 Dok Mac malware intercepts victims’ web traffic, installs backdoor
5/2/17 Intel Patches 'Critical' Elevation Privilege Bug in High-End Chips
5/2/17 IBM has been shipping malware-infected USB sticks
5/1/17 Cybersecurity Training Nonexistent at One-Third of SMBs
5/1/17 One-Third of Federal Agencies Reported Data Breaches in 2016
5/1/17 Mind the air gap: Network separation's cost, productivity and security drawbacks
5/1/17 Smartphone security hole: 'Open port' backdoors are widespread