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Security Newsbriefs

The links below are news articles regarding state and local cybersecurity. These links are provided for informational purposes only and as a service to our visitors. It is the responsibility of the visitor to evaluate the content and usefulness of information obtained from these external sites. Once a visitor leaves the Mississippi Department of ITS web site and links to an external site, our web site policies are no longer applicable and the visitor will be subject to the new site's policies. Any problems, concerns or issues with these external sites should be directed to the site administrator or webmaster of those sites.

September 2017
Article Date Article Title
9/14/17 Equifax breach happened because of a missed patch
9/13/17 Billions of Bluetooth-enabled devices vulnerable to new airborne attacks
9/8/17 Equifax Data Breach Could Involve State Agencies but How, to What Extent Not Yet Clear
9/8/17 Equifax data breach: what you need to know
9/7/17 Microsoft: Ransomware Decline Reversed in March 2017
9/5/17 Data Breach Costs Vary Significantly by Organization
9/5/17 Companies Should Consider Cybersecurity a Matter of Ethics
9/3/17 Schools Are Prime Targets for Cyber Attacks, Survey Finds
9/1/17 US Government Site Was Hosting Ransomware
August 2017
Article Date Article Title
8/31/17 Rising database security threats require attention -- and action
8/30/17 7 Things to Know About Today's DDoS Attacks
8/30/17 Ransomware is Going More Corporate, Less Consumer
8/28/17 NIAC Cybersecurity Report Regarding Critical Infrastructure Issued
8/28/17 New, custom ransomware delivered to orgs via extremely targeted emails
8/25/17 Survey Highlights Cybersecurity Gaps Between Government and Private Sector
8/27/17 Artificial intelligence cyber attacks are coming – but what does that mean?
8/25/17 IoT Security Threats: Survey Finds Government, Financial Sectors Vulnerable
8/23/17 Understanding the dark web and how it factors into cybersecurity
8/23/17 84 Percent of IT Pros Attribute Cyber Security Incidents to Human Error
8/23/17 72% of Government Agencies Hit with Security Incidents
8/22/17 Disturbing lack of cyber attack awareness among directors
8/21/17 More Cyber-Attacks Occur on Weekends Than a Weekday, Study Reveals
8/20/17 Seven Keys to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Culture
8/18/17 ​Cloud is the ignored dimension of security: Cisco
8/18/17 50% of Ex-Employees Can Still Access Corporate Apps
8/17/17 3 Access Blind Spots That Can Put You at Risk
8/17/17 Lessons to learn after hackers hijack HBO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
8/17/17 NotPetya aftermath: Companies lost hundreds of millions
8/17/17 Booking a Taxi for Faketoken
8/15/17 Organizations Willing to Try Out Longer Passwords, Study Finds
8/15/17 8 More Chrome Extensions Hijacked to Target 4.8 Million Users
8/14/17 Enterprise security culture: Why you need it, and how to create it
8/13/17 Are Organizations Safe From Cyber Attacks? Experts Say Most Still Vulnerable
8/11/17 Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots and troubling browsing behaviors
8/10/17 Hackers' Little Helpers: Employees With Bad 'Cyber-Hygiene'
8/9/17 We can’t rely on black swans: Three areas to improve cyber policy now
8/9/17 Understanding your responsibility and security in the cloud
8/9/17 How a port misconfiguration exposed critical infrastructure data
8/8/17 Where does corporate cloud security responsibility begin and service provider responsibility end?
8/8/17 67% of Malware Attacks Came via Phishing in Second Quarter
8/7/17 Voting System Hacks Prompt Push for Paper-Based Voting
8/7/17 Obscuring malicious Facebook links using the Open Graph Protocol
8/4/17 How to select a suitable incident response program for your organization
8/4/17 Eye on Cybersecurity: 6 Priorities for Investment and Greater Leadership Attention
8/3/17 States Take a Comprehensive Approach to Improving Cybersecurity
8/3/17 Intrusion detection is speeding up: Is it enough to tackle global cyber threats
8/3/17 The anatomy of a completely fileless attack
8/3/17 Malicious content delivered over SSL/TLS has more than doubled in six months
8/3/17 Why Cybersecurity Needs a Human in the Loop
8/2/17 3 key cybersecurity trends and takeaways from Black Hat and DEF CON 2017
8/2/17 How enterprise IT security conversations have changed
8/2/17 Shark or not? 3 real-life security scenarios and how to tell which will really bite
8/2/17 Hackers impersonate women online to get into target corporate networks
8/1/17 Connected Home Devices: The Internet of Things
8/1/17 Five new threats to your mobile device security
8/1/17 Make Attorney-Client Privilege Part of Your Incident Response Strategy
8/1/17 Why SSL/TLS attacks are on the rise
8/1/17 HBO hacked, attackers leak GoT script and some episodes
July 2017
Article Date Article Title
7/31/17 Seagate to pay millions for forking over employee info to scammers
7/31/17 One lousy click: the phishing blunder that sank an entire product
7/28/17 Is Cloud Security a Safe Bet for Highly Sensitive Government Data?
7/27/17 Your infrastructure remains attractive, exposed, says Symantec cyberthreat report
7/27/17 An Internet-connected fish tank let hackers into a casino’s network
7/27/17 Employees working while on holiday open orgs to security risks
7/27/17 Most companies fail to measure cybersecurity effectiveness
7/26/17 Secrets of successful threat hunters and SOCs
7/26/17 Report: The top 5 cybersecurity threats of 2017
7/26/17 Adobe to pull plug on Flash, ending an era
7/25/17 6+ billion records exposed in data breaches in first half of 2017
7/24/17 Tips for Guarding Against Untraceable, 'Fileless' Cyberattacks
7/21/17 Every organization is only one click away from a potential compromise
7/20/17 Microsoft Office 365 Users Targeted in Brute Force Attacks
7/20/17 Over 5 million Social Security numbers exposed in Kansas breach: report
7/20/17 Cisco predicts a major increase in cyberattacks designed to destroy systems
7/19/17 Agencies’ approach to IoT security highlights differences in cybersecurity approach
7/18/17 Massive Amazon S3 leaks highlight user blind spots in enterprise race to the cloud
7/18/17 IoT Security Incidents Rampant and Costly
7/17/17 Android backdoor GhostCtrl can do many unusual things
7/17/17 Launch your own cybersecurity sprint: 30 days to improved security
7/15/17 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid When Mitigating Cyberthreats
7/14/17 CISO: To achieve security in IoT devices, remember the fundamentals
7/12/17 Over 14 Million Verizon Customers' Data Exposed On Unprotected AWS Server
7/11/17 Getting the most out of your SIEM investment
7/10/17 PoS malware hits food kiosks, steals payment card info
7/10/17 Washington State University Data Breach Teaches Valuable Cybersecurity Lesson (Editorial)
7/9/17 Seven Cyberactions for States after Recent Global Hacking Incidents
7/6/17 Five crucial ways to help keep a system safe from harm
7/6/17 Texas Association of School Boards Data Breach Exposes Teachers' Social Security Numbers
7/6/17 Mozilla Still Finds Failures in Website Security, Survey Shows
7/5/17 Security’s blind spot: The long-term state of exception
7/5/17 Erie County, Pa., Office of Children and Youth Experiences Data Breach
7/3/17 Rising information security threats, and what to do about them
7/3/17 Local Ohio Governments Focus on Cybersecurity After Attacks
7/1/17 Identifying and Reporting Common Scams
June 2017
Article Date Article Title
6/30/17 The role of web filtering in a modern security architecture
6/29/17 Top cloud challenges: Security, compliance, and cost control
6/29/17 Report: Twice as many IT professionals plan to build formal security teams in 2017
6/29/17 Why Enterprise Security Needs a New Focus
6/29/17 Azure AD Connect vulnerability allows attackers to reset admin passwords
6/28/17 What makes a good security analyst: The character traits you need
6/28/17 Criminalization of DNS for phishing continues to advance
6/28/17 Idaho State Websites Hack Part of Much Broader, Continuing 'Mischief' Attack
6/27/17 Hack that plants ISIS message hits another state government website
6/27/17 Cybersecurity battleground shifting to Linus and web servers
6/26/17 Anthem ready to pay $115 million to settle data breach lawsuit
6/23/17 Employee 'Phishing' Expeditions Among States' Tools for Cybersecurity Awareness
6/23/17 Organizations still unclear on cloud security responsibility
6/22/17 Cloud Security Lessons from the Voter Data Leak
6/22/17 Businesses finally realize that cyber defenses must evolve
6/21/17 White House Cyber Chief to Agency Leaders: Know Your Networks' Risks
6/21/17 PII of 1 million compromised in Washington State University safe heist
6/21/17 Hacktivist, Seeking Justice for Philando Castile, Breaches Minnesota Databases
6/20/17 Are the Dangers of Cyberattacks Targeting School Districts Being Overlooked?
6/20/17 Cybersecurity Fact vs. Fiction
6/20/17 Apple iOS Threats Fewer Than Android But More Deadly
6/20/17 Sun, Sand and Cybersecurity
6/19/17 How to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 10 tips
6/19/17 Amount of malware targeting smart devices more than doubled in 2017
6/15/17 1 Million Endpoints Exposed on Public Internet via Microsoft File-Sharing Services
6/14/17 By the Numbers: Parsing the Cybersecurity Challenge
6/13/17 Businesses Spend 1,156 Hours Per Week on Endpoint Security
6/13/17 The Rising Tide of Crimeware-as-a-Service
6/13/17 How a Single Email Stole $1.9 Million from Southern Oregon University
6/13/17 Russian Cyber Hacks on U.S. Electoral System Far Wider Than Previously Known
6/13/17 Poor endpoint security can cost you millions in detection, response, and wasted time
6/12/17 Building a strong cybersecurity program for the long haul
6/12/17 Where does the cyber security buck stop?
6/9/17 New Attack Method Delivers Malware Via Mouse Hover
6/9/17 Cybersecurity workforce gap to hit 1.8 million by 2022
6/8/17 Hide & Seek: Security Teams Lack Visibility in the Cloud
6/8/17 Outdated Operating Systems, Browsers Correlate with Real Data Breaches
6/8/17 Attack rates are increasing across the board
6/8/17 Bored employees seen as biggest potential data security risk
6/7/17 Defining Your Cyber Risk Appetite
6/7/17 Dark web fraud guides reveal potential threats to orgs
6/6/17 Survey looks at expanding cyberattack surface, ways to expand security perimeters
6/6/17 Application security trends: What you need to know
6/6/17 Outdated Software Commonplace on Enterprise Endpoints
6/2/17 It's About Time: Where Attackers Have the Upper Hand
6/2/17 The top 5 mobile security threats
6/1/17 OneLogin Breach Reignites Concerns over Password Managers
6/1/17 Cybersecurity in an IoT and mobile world: The key trends
6/1/17 Hackers hosted tools on a Stanford University website for months
6/1/17 FBI: 8 Steps to Prevent Phishing Attacks
May 2017
Article Date Article Title
5/31/17 94% believe unsecured IoT devices could lead to 'catastrophic' cybersecurity attack
5/30/17 The weakest link in your cybersecurity chain
5/30/17 Cybercrime Costs to Reach $8 Trillion by 2022
5/30/17 Securing the Human a Full-Time Commitment
5/29/17 6 reasons chip hacks will become more popular
5/26/17 Orgs failing to secure data in the cloud, says report
5/26/17 WannaCry Ransomware Campaign Was Just the First Wave
5/26/17 Are You Really Being Secure Online?
5/24/17 Target to Pay $18.5 Million to States in Data Breach Settlement
5/23/17 Data Breach, Vulnerability Data on Track to Set New Records in 2017
5/23/17 9 Ways Organizations Sabotage Their Own Security: Lessons from the Verizon DBIR
5/23/17 With Billions Spent on Cybersecurity, Why Are Problems Getting Worse?
5/23/17 Florida Agency Data Breach Exposes 469 Social Security Numbers, Concealed Weapons Holders
5/22/17 Network Traffic Provides Early Indication of Malware Infection
5/22/17 Emerging Threats to Add to Your Security Radar Screen
5/18/17 WannaCry is a painful reminder of why enterprises must stay current on software updates
5/17/17 Inside the Motivations Behind Modern Cyberattackers
5/16/17 Many firms, individuals slow to patch security vulnerabilities
5/16/17 How the WannaCry Attack Will Impact Cyber Security
5/16/17 How Many People Does It Take to Defend a Network?
5/15/17 Gone Phishing: How Internal Exercises Prepare Employees for Scammers
5/15/17 Cloud Increases Insider Threat Risk, MeriTalk Survey Finds
5/12/17 State IT Officials Talk 'WannaCry' Ransomware Attack That Disrupted Critical Services Worldwide
5/10/17 Is remote access technology leaving you vulnerable?
5/10/17 Businesses Not Properly Securing Microsoft Active Directory
5/9/17 How Pen-Testing Protects Your Federal Agency
5/9/17 Shining a Light on Security’s Grey Areas: Process, People, Technology
5/8/17 Aflac CISO: Insurance Sector Ramps Up Cyber Defenses
5/8/17 Are you encrypting your documents? Here’s what happens when you don’t
5/8/17 Rudimentary attacks pose the greatest risk to midsized organizations
5/4/17 Midsize Businesses Prove Easy Attack Targets
5/3/17 Netflix Incident a Sign of Increase in Cyber Extortion Campaigns
5/3/17 Healthcare Breaches Hit All-Time High in 2016
5/3/17 Seeing Security from the Other Side of the Window
5/3/17 Google Docs Phishing Attack Abuses Legitimate Third-Party Sharing
5/2/17 Dok Mac malware intercepts victims’ web traffic, installs backdoor
5/2/17 Intel Patches 'Critical' Elevation Privilege Bug in High-End Chips
5/2/17 IBM has been shipping malware-infected USB sticks
5/1/17 Cybersecurity Training Nonexistent at One-Third of SMBs
5/1/17 One-Third of Federal Agencies Reported Data Breaches in 2016
5/1/17 Mind the air gap: Network separation's cost, productivity and security drawbacks
5/1/17 Smartphone security hole: 'Open port' backdoors are widespread
April 2017
Article Date Article Title
4/28/17 Hackers Get Back to the Basics
4/28/17 Fileless Malware Attacks Continue to Gain Steam
4/28/17 Verizon DBIR Shows Attack Patterns Vary Widely By Industry
4/27/17 Security depends on data classification
4/27/17 Industry reactions to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report
4/26/17 Report: Amid Pivot to Political Targets, Cybercrime Turns to Emails, Common IT Tools
4/26/17 NoTrove threat actor delivering millions of scam ads
4/25/17 What CIOs Can Learn About Hacktivists From Oklahoma’s ‘Hoodie Incident’
4/25/17 Cybersecurity, collaboration abound at NASCIO midyear conference
4/25/17 Phishing attacks responsible for three-quarters of all malware
4/25/17 Behavioural profiling: Spotting the signs of cyber attacks and misuse
4/25/17 Security skills need to be deep and wide to mitigate critical risks
4/25/17 Ashley Madison users blackmailed again
4/24/17 Locky ransomware makes a comeback, courtesy of Necurs botnet
4/24/17 Hackers Are Using NSA's DoublePulsar Backdoor in Attacks
4/24/17 What happens when a vendor doesn’t patch its software?
4/21/17 An untold cost of ransomware: It will change how you operate
4/20/17 Hackers use old Stuxnet-related bug to carry out attacks
4/20/17 CISOs Admit They Are Unable to Keep Pace with Data Breaches
4/20/17 Users Overshare Sensitive Enterprise Data
4/19/17 3 Tips for Updating an Endpoint Security Strategy
4/18/17 Here's Why Agencies Shouldn't Give Up on Firewalls
4/17/17 The Second Coming of Managed File Transfer Has Arrived
4/14/17 Ransomware, Mac Malware Dominate Q1 Threat Landscape
4/14/17 Finally, enterprise-wide encryption strategies increase!
4/14/17 1 Out of 5 Companies Have Suffered Mobile Device Breach
4/13/17 95% of Organizations Have Employees Seeking to Bypass Security Controls
4/11/17 Forget the Tax Man: Time for a DNS Security Audit
4/11/17 Cyber insecurity is pervasive, citizens feeling concerned and vulnerable
4/11/17 When Hacks Are about Image instead of Money
4/11/17 Microsoft patches Word zero-day booby-trap exploit
4/11/17 OWASP Top 10 Update: Long Overdue Or Same-Old, Same-Old?
4/6/17 Machines learning evolves, and hackers stand to gain
4/6/17 7 Ways Hackers Target Your Employees
4/6/17 Rash of in-the-wild attacks permanently destroys poorly secured IoT devices
4/4/17 Top 5 Dumbest Cyber Threats That Still Pay Off
4/4/17 North Carolina data breaches expose internal documents, personal records
4/3/17 European companies hit with highly customizable ransomware
4/3/17 Rollout of DMARC email security protocol needs to gain steam
4/3/17 Russian-Speaking APT Recycles Code Used in '90s Cyberattacks Against US
4/1/17 Ransomware in Government: Who, What, When, Where and How?
4/3/17 Reactive to Proactive: 7 Principles Of Intelligence-Driven Defense
4/1/17 Digital Spring Cleaning
March 2017
Article Date Article Title
3/31/17 Security Vendors, State Officials Discuss Steps to Improve California State Cybersecurity
3/31/17 'Sundown' Rises as New Threat in Depleted Exploit Kit Landscape
3/31/17 People are still the biggest security threat to any organization
3/30/17 Government Must Improve Cybersecurity Guarding Nation’s Infrastructure, Tech Experts Say
3/29/17 Cloud Security: New Research Says IT Pros Still Skittish
3/28/17 Malware infection rate of smartphones is soaring – Android devices often the target
3/27/17 On the Cusp: Bills Aiming to Beef Up Digital Defenses
3/27/17 Cybercriminals Exploit March Madness Frenzy
3/27/17 Man indicted for sending seizure-causing GIF as a ‘deadly weapon’
3/24/17 Prioritizing Threats: Why Most Companies Get It Wrong
3/23/17 Illinois Doubles Down on Cybersecurity Amid Contentious ERP Upgrade
3/23/17 Thousands of Vermonters At Risk After Massive Data Breach At Department Of Labor
3/22/17 Future of the SIEM
3/22/17 Phishing Your Employees for Schooling & Security
3/21/17 Endpoint security is only one piece of the puzzle
3/21/17 Managing third-party risk: Dominant trends
3/20/17 63% of Enteprises Use Advanced Tech Without Securing Sensitive Data
3/20/17 Organizations still vulnerable to brute force attacks
3/20/17 ITS Cybersecurity Newsletter: Common IT Wisdom that Keeps You Secure
3/16/17 What Businesses Can Learn From the CIA Data Breach
3/16/17 Mandiant: Financial Cybercriminals Looking More Like Nation-States
3/15/17 Mobile workers continually expose organizations to security risks
3/15/17 Trust Begins With Layer 1 Encryption
3/15/17 The 6 Riskiest Social Media Habits to Avoid at Work
3/14/17 White House’s Annual Cyber Report Counts 30,000 Incidents but Only 16 are 'Major'
3/13/17 Cybersecurity Gaps Exist in Federal Agencies, White House Report Finds
3/13/17 Home Depot Will Pay Banks $25 Million for 2014 Breach
3/13/17 Enterprises Hit with Malware Preinstalled on their Androids
3/13/17 Nigerian Cybercrime Matures, Morphs
3/10/17 Protecting the enterprise against mobile threats
3/9/17 Hackers exploit Apache Struts vulnerability to compromise corporate web servers
3/8/17 Why Printers Still Pose a Security Threat
3/7/17 7 tips for securing the Internet of Things
3/7/17 How New Technologies Are Providing New Openings for Hackers
3/7/17 4 strategies to root out your security risks
3/7/17 Wikileaks’ dump of CIA exploits exposes enterprises to new risks
3/7/17 One Lax State Can Make the Other 49 Vulnerable to a Cyberattack
3/6/17 7 Hot Security Terms (and Buzzwords) to Know
3/6/17 Threats Converge: IoT Meets Ransomware
3/6/17 Poachers are trying to hack animal tracking systems
3/6/17 The six stages of a cyber attack lifecycle
3/6/17 Shamoon Data-Wiping Malware Now Comes with Ransomware Option
3/3/17 Malware Retrieves PowerShell Scripts from DNS Records
3/2/17 Cloudflare Breach Had Potential To Be Much Worse
3/1/17 Recent Cloud Issues Show Security Can Fail Dramatically
3/1/17 With 1.2 million phishing attacks, 2016 was a success for cybercriminals
February 2017
Article Date Article Title
2/27/17 Hackers Lock Pennsylvania Dems Out of Their Email, But They Refuse to Pay Ransom
2/27/17 Boeing Notifies 36,000 Employees Following Breach
2/27/17 In Cybersecurity, Language Is a Source of Misunderstandings
2/23/17 Cloud-based databases need new approaches to ensure data security
2/23/17 Removing admin rights mitigates most critical Microsoft vulnerabilities
2/23/17 Survey: Most Attackers Need Less Than 12 Hours To Break In
2/23/17 New macOS ransomware masquerades as software cracking tools
2/22/17 From malware to cyber-spies, the 15 biggest threats online, ranked
2/22/17 Time to End the Tension Between Corporate Remediation and Security Teams
2/22/17 Cyber crooks’ latest tricks for targeting Chrome users
2/21/17 Hackers shift tactics after 2016 U.S. election, CrowdStrike says
2/21/17 Preparing Security For Windows 7 End-Of-Life Support
2/21/17 Preparing Security For Windows 7 End-Of-Life Support
2/20/17 Do Software-Defined Data Centers Pose Security Concerns?
2/16/17 Why NIST's Framework Avoids a One-Sized-Fits-All Approach to Cybersecurity
2/16/17 Too many high-risk vulnerabilities leave CISOs scrabbling to patch
2/16/17 The 7 security threats to technology that scare experts the most
2/16/17 Cyberattacks a top concern of businesses worldwide, survey finds
2/16/17 RSA 2017: Cybersecurity More Vital for Localities Than Ever
2/16/17 Hacker breached 60+ unis, govt agencies via SQL injection
2/15/17 What To Do When All Malware Is Zero-Day
2/14/17 Why Identity Has Become A Top Concern For CSOs
2/14/17 25% of Web Apps Still Vulnerable to Eight of the OWASP Top Ten
2/14/17 RSA 2017: Unified Front Necessary for Sufficient Cyberprotection
2/13/17 Verizon Data Breach Digest Triangulates Humanity Inside Security
2/13/17 'Shock & Awe' Ransomware Attacks Multiply
2/13/17 University's IoT devices went fishing for information - how did it happen?
2/13/17 Nine Easy Way to Improve Your Company's Cybersecurity
2/10/17 Keep Employees Secure, Wherever They Are
2/8/17 A Primer on IoT Security Risks
2/8/17 Organizations In 40 Countries Under 'Invisible' Cyberattacks
2/8/17 Facebook Aims To Shape Stronger Security Practices
2/8/17 When a Data Breach Happens, Will California Pay for Protection?
2/7/17 SQL Slammer worm makes a comeback 14 years later
2/7/17 Email Scam Threatens School Employee Data
2/6/17 Number of disclosed vulnerabilities reaches all time high in 2016
2/1/17 'Malvertising' Increases 132 Percent in 2016, RiskIQ Study Finds
2/1/17 Identity Fraud Rose 16% In 2016
January 2017
Article Date Article Title
1/31/17 3 Things Companies Must Do Before A Data Breach
1/30/17 How to eliminate insider threats
1/30/17 Ransomware Takes Out 70 Percent of Washington DC Security Cameras
1/30/17 Texas Police Unit Loses Years Of Evidence To Ransomware
1/27/17 What are some ways everyone should protect themselves better online?
1/27/17 Phishers’ new social engineering trick: PDF attachments with malicious links
1/26/17 Most organizations are unaware of daily malicious activity
1/26/17 South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs Part of Email Phishing Scam
1/26/17 How I Would Hack Your Network (If I Woke Up Evil)
1/26/17 There's No One Perfect Method For Encryption In The Cloud
1/25/17 Data Breaches Exposed 4.2 Billion Records In 2016
1/25/17 Your smartphone’s unlock pattern or PIN can be easily cracked
1/24/17 St. Louis Public Library Recovers from Ransomware Attack
1/23/17 Security management outlook: Five trends to watch
1/23/17 Why Dependence On Cloud Providers Could Come Back And Bite Us
1/23/17 Many organizations still opt for 'good enough' cybersecurity
1/23/17 Cyber Incidents Hit 85% Of Firms Over Past 12 Months
1/19/17 Number Of Data Breach Disclosures Jumped 40% in 2016
1/19/17 Cyber Lessons From NSA’s Admiral Michael Rogers
1/19/17 The 4 Top Barriers To Effective Incident Response
1/17/17 After an attack: How to keep a bad situation from getting worse
1/17/17 Close The Gap Between IT & Security To Reduce The Impact Of Cyber Threats
1/17/17 Credential-Stuffing Attacks Take Enterprise Systems By Storm
1/17/17 Patch and security management take 8 hours per month for most companies
1/16/17 Understanding The Basics Of Two-Factor Authentication
1/16/17 New Gmail phishing technique fools even tech-savvy users
1/13/17 Looking Forward: 2017's Top Threat Prediction
1/13/17 This college just paid a $28,000 ransom, in bitcoin, to cyberattackers
1/13/17 The Sorry State Of Cybersecurity Awareness Training
1/13/17 Arizona Cybersecurity Incident the Latest in a Growing List of Attempts
1/12/17 Hawaii Faces up to 45 Million Cyberattacks Daily, State Officials Say
1/11/17 The 3 C's Of Security Awareness
1/11/17 Unsanctioned cloud services present growing problem for organizations
1/10/17 Disk-wiping malware Shamoon targets virtual desktop infrastructure
1/10/17 New security concerns due to business complexities
1/10/17 Malware suspected on some Arizona legislators' computers
1/10/17 ‘Hacktivists’ Increasingly Target Local and State Government Computers
1/9/17 Energy Department warns of "imminent" cyberattack on power grid
1/9/17 North Carolina Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking Senior Govt. Officials
1/9/17 Congress to step up its own cybersecurity protections
1/9/17 MongoDB ransomware attacks sign criminals are going after servers, applications
1/7/17 10 biggest weaknesses and lessons learned from cybersecurity in 2016
1/6/17 Governor Cuomo Announces 4th Proposal of 2017 State of the State: Protecting New Yorkers from Cyber-Attacks
1/6/17 Researcher Finds Data Breach of U.S. Special Operations Employees
1/5/17 ‘Ghost Hosts’ Bypass URL Filtering
1/5/17 5 Common Cyber-Security Mistakes
1/4/17 IoT Security: Who Is Stepping Up?
1/4/17 Ransomware Has Evolved, And Its Name Is Doxware
1/4/17 A Vendor's Security Reality: Comply Or Good-Bye
1/3/17 Protecting your cybersecurity in 2017
1/2/17 Sedgwick County not alone in falling victim to e-mail fraud
December 2016
Article Date Article Title
12/29/16 4 information security threats that will dominate 2017
12/28/16 Nine Ways to Protect an Enterprise Against Ransomware
12/28/16 Critical flaw in PHPMailer library puts millions of websites at risk
12/27/16 5 Ways The Cyber-Threat Landscape Shifted In 2016
12/27/16 Ransomworm: the next level of cybersecurity nastiness
12/25/16 Data breaches becoming all too common
12/23/16 A Cybersecurity Christmas Story
12/22/16 Maryland Delegate Promises New Legislation in Wake of Student Data Breach
12/21/16 Data Leaks From Social Networks Threat in 2017, Kaspersky Says
12/21/16 Our 12 tips for staying safe online this Christmas
12/21/16 Top 8 Cyber Security Tips for Christmas Online Shopping
12/19/16 Highly lucrative Ransomware as a Service attacks poised to accelerate in 2017
12/18/16 2016: The Year Hackers Stole the Show — With a Cause
12/16/16 Are states ill-equipped to manage cybersecurity?
12/16/16 New York’s cybersecurity regulations may seem burdensome, but they’re necessary
12/16/16 Delayed breach notifications open door to regulatory fines
12/15/16 One billion users affected in newly revealed Yahoo hack
12/15/16 Security heavyweights share 3 ways to get proactive on app sec
12/14/16 Vendor Accountability & The Security Supply Chain
12/14/16 Hacked cheating site Ashley Madison will pay $1.6 million to FTC for breach
12/13/16 Nearly Half Of The Top 1 Million Websites Deemed Risky
12/13/16 91% Of Cyberattacks Start With A Phishing Email
12/12/16 5 Things Security Pros Need To Know About Machine Learning
12/12/16 Audits: Oregon Department of Education Lacks Proper Security in Protecting Student Data
12/12/16 12 tips for implementing secure business practices
12/12/16 Government orgs plagued by botnet compromises, says security report
12/10/16 Hackers behind a new ransomware giving away free decryption key to victims who infect others
12/9/16 How this analyst targeted a phisher
12/9/16 I wanna be your Sledgehammer: DDoS program recruits attackers by making it a game
12/8/16 7 ways to tighten enterprise social media security
12/8/16 Next year, attacks will differentiate to penetrate new vulnerable surfaces
12/7/16 Over 400,000 phishing sites have been observed each month during 2016
12/7/16 Cybersecurity culture shift is more than people, official says
12/7/16 Over 400,000 phishing sites have been observed each month during 2016
12/6/16 Rogue Admin Jailed After Taking Down Former Employer's Network
12/6/16 The 7 Most Sensational Breaches of 2016
12/4/16 Balancing cybersecurity and academic freedom is a challenge on campus
12/2/16 New Device? Check Your CyberSecurity!
12/2/16 65% of social engineering attacks compromised employee credentials
12/2/16 6 cyber predictions for 2017
12/2/16 The Human Firewall: Why People Are Critical To Email Security
12/1/16 Mandia: Russian State Hackers Changed The Game
12/1/16 Cybercriminals’ Next Target: Long-Term Prizes (Part 2 of 2)
November 2016
Article Date Article Title
11/30/16 Hello, You’ve Been Compromised: Upward Attack Trend Targeting VoIP Protocol SIP
11/30/16 More Than 1 Million Google Accounts Breached by Gooligan
11/29/16 Cybersecurity User Training That Sticks: 3 Steps
11/29/16 Press Shift + F10 during Windows 10 Upgrade to Launch Root CLI & bypass BitLocker
11/28/16 Best practices to fight corporate security risks
11/28/16 San Francisco’s Muni transit system reportedly hit by ransomware
11/28/16 5 Links Of The Attack Chain And How To Disrupt Them
11/28/16 Network security: A team sport for SMBs
11/24/16 ‘Compromised’ laptop implicated in US Navy breach of 130,000 records
11/23/16 Stop wasting time making the wrong passwords stronger
11/22/16 How enterprise companies can raise internal cyber-risk awareness
11/22/16 Black Friday: What to watch out for when you hit the stores
11/21/16 Michigan State University database with 400,000 student and staff records breached
11/21/16 Office 365 Vulnerability Identified Bogus Microsoft.com Email as Valid
11/21/16 Malware masquerading as an image spreads via Facebook
11/18/16 Cyber Monday, Consumers & The Bottom Line Of A Data Breach
11/18/16 Top risks identified across private cloud environments
11/17/16 66% of organizations won't recover after cyberattack, study says
11/17/16 Cloud-driven IT Decentralization Increases Security Risk
11/17/16 The decline of cyber resilience: Organizations unprepared to face attacks
11/16/16 Insufficient security measures still hinder cloud adoption
11/15/16 Cyber Threats as Severe as Terrorism Threats, NIST Official Says
11/15/16 Critical Linux bug opens systems to compromise
11/14/16 8 Ways Businesses Can Better Secure Their Remote Workers
11/11/16 How to prepare your company for cybersecurity threats
11/10/16 Hacker shows how easy it is to take over a city’s public Wi-Fi network
11/9/16 DTCC Survey: Cyber Threat Ranked #1 Risk To Global Financial System
11/8/16 The 7 Types Of Security Jobs, According To NIST
11/8/16 Stay Vigilant To The Evolving Threat Of Social Engineering
11/8/16 Phishing Scams as a Service? Thieves Make It Easier To Steal Passwords
11/8/16 Bought a car recently? Millions of dealership customer details found online
11/8/16 Hacker used password resets to break into 1,050 university email accounts
11/7/16 Sam's Club resets passwords after thousands of logins posted online
11/6/16 Online Threats Still Rising as Mobile Malware Subsides: Kaspersky
11/6/16 Watch out! A new LinkedIn Phishing campaign is spreading in the wild
11/4/16 Over 1 Billion Mobile App Accounts can be Hijacked Remotely with this Simple Hack
11/3/16 City of El Paso Phished for $3.2 Million
11/3/16 Overconfidence is putting organizations at higher risk for attacks
11/2/16 Accenture Says One-Third of Corporate Cyber Attacks Succeed
11/2/16 Bypassing Two-Factor Authentication on OWA & Office365 Portals
11/2/16 Phishing Threat Continues To Loom Large
11/1/16 Cyber Security Newsletter: Holiday Purchasing Online
11/1/16 Anthem Breach Victims Go To Court Over Cybersecurity Audit Release
October 2016
Article Date Article Title
10/31/16 Online Safety Tips for NCSAM: Lessons From Week Four
10/31/16 Cybersecurity Newsletter: Beware of Malware
10/28/16 Number of Malicious Links Accessible Through Google & Twitter Goes Up
10/28/16 5 Signs Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked
10/27/16 Common Types of Malware, 2016 Update
10/27/16 Recent Attacks Prompt Penn State to Increase Cybersecurity Awareness
10/26/16 Firms Are Struggling To Identify Cyber Vulnerabilities: Study
10/26/16 Getting To The 'Just Right' Level Of Encryption
10/25/16 3 biggest cybersecurity concerns of agency CISOs
10/25/16 Best practices for securing your data in-motion
10/24/16 Hackers changing tactics, techniques and procedures
10/24/16 Microsoft's New Patch Tuesday Model Comes With Benefits And Risks
10/23/16 Using Rowhammer bitflips to root Android phones is now a thing
10/22/16 Massive Cyber-attack Shows Risk of Poor Security on Network Nodes
10/21/16 Flipping Security Awareness Training
10/21/16 Massive Cyberattack Hits East Coast, Affects Sites Worldwide
10/20/16 Data Security Experts Stress Importance of Frequent Password Changes
10/20/16 Why Poor Cyber Hygiene Invites Risk
10/20/16 Cisco plugs critical bug in ASA security devices
10/18/16 On or Off the Clock, Staying Cyber Secure is a New Fact of Life
10/17/16 5 Tips For Keeping Small Businesses Secure
10/13/16 Scaling Down Security: How Local Cyberleaders Are Approaching Today’s Threats
10/13/16 Survey Says it’s Still Difficult to Secure Data in the Cloud
10/13/16 Criminals Increasingly Hold Government Computer for Ransom
10/12/16 Enterprises outsmarting themselves with security, while attackers easily use common techniques
10/10/16 RSA’s Jacklyn Wynn: Agencies Should Integrate Cyber Policies With ‘Day-to-Day Mission Execution’
10/10/16 Database Breaches: An Alarming Lack Of Preparedness
10/9/16 How 'Security Fatigue' Affects Our Choices Online
10/6/16 Arizona Official Says Hack Of Voter Data Came Via 'Employee' Email
10/6/16 Meet the Threat: States Join Forces to Develop Innovative Cybersecurity Strategies
10/6/16 Incident Response A Challenge For 98% Of InfoSec Pros
10/6/16 A closer look at data breach preparedness
10/4/16 6 security distractions derailing IT
10/4/16 Hackers target healthcare providers
10/3/16 The coming IoT security plague
10/3/16 Hackers Attacked Voter Registration Systems of 20 US States, Says Official
September 2016
Article Date Article Title
9/30/16 Today's Cybersecurity Management Requires A New Approach
9/28/16 73% of companies using vulnerable end-of-life networking devices
9/28/16 More than Half of IT Pros Employ Insurance Data Wiping Methods
9/26/16 Adware Campaign Using Advanced Nation-State Obfuscation Techniques
9/26/16 Cyber Risk Among Top Concerns for Business Leaders: Study
9/25/16 What's the likely future of cybersecurity in the States?
9/23/16 On-Premises & In the Cloud: Making Sense of Your Cybersecurity Ecosystem
9/23/16 Rise of cyber attacks against the public sector
9/22/16 Social Media and BYOD are Biggest Internal Security Threats
9/22/16 Your personal information was hacked, now what?
9/22/16 Federal cyber incidents grew an astounding 1,300% between 2006 and 2015
9/22/16 Yahoo Reveals Nation State-Borne Data Breach Affecting A Half-Billion Users
9/22/16 10 Ways to Lock Down Third-Party Risk
9/21/16 Hairy situation: Just for Men website rigged to redirect to RIG Exploit Kit
9/21/16 Malicious websites visited every five seconds by enterprise workers, report
9/21/16 Malicious torrents management tool uncovered
9/21/16 Cyber Terrorism Seen As Biggest Single Future Threat
9/21/16 2016 On Track To See Over 1 Billion Records Breached
9/21/16 How Cloud, Mobile Are Changing IT, Security Management: Study
9/19/16 BENIGHNCERTAIN-like flaw affects various Cisco networking devices
9/15/16 So, you've assumed compromise. Now what?
9/15/16 DDoS and web application attacks keep escalating
9/14/16 How reducing information systems 'clutter' could reduce cyber risk
9/13/16 Yes, Your Database Can Be Breached Through A Coffee Pot
9/13/16 10 Reasons to Pen-Test Your Network
9/12/16 Macro-based malware evolves to bypass traditional defenses
9/12/16 Emerging technologies are poking holes in security
9/12/16 White House Names First Federal CISO
9/12/16 Data Manipulation: An Imminent Threat
9/9/16 New group seeks to raise awareness of cybersecurity at top levels
9/9/16 Crafty malware is found targeting U.S. government employees
9/8/16 Why quantum computing has the cybersecurity world white-knuckled
9/8/16 Top network security and data privacy concerns among businesses
9/7/16 University of Alaska breach may have exposed student info
9/6/16 Bilal Bot: That Time a Malware Developer Asked Me to Correct a Security Blog
9/6/16 More Signs Point To Russian Cyberspy Connection In State Election Board Hacks
9/6/16 Why Social Media Sites Are The New Cyber Weapons Of Choice
9/1/16 London economy hit hard by security breaches
9/1/16 Mobile device infections rose 96 percent in the first half of 2016
9/1/16 3 Golden Rules for Managing Third-Party Security Risk
August 2016
Article Date Article Title
8/31/16 Why agencies must work harder to prep for IOT security
8/30/16 Attackers use rogue proxies to hijack HTTPS traffic
8/30/16 Encryption hiding malware in half of cyber attacks
8/29/16 Report: Hackers Breach Two State Election databases, FBI Warns
8/29/16 How much of a risk is BYOD to network security?
8/26/16 State wildlife agencies halt license sales after apparent vendor breach
8/26/16 Ransomware 101: FBI's Education Effort
8/25/16 The Secret Behind the NSA Breach: Network Infrastructure is the Next Target
8/25/16 Apple Releases Patch For 'Trident,' A Trio of iOS 0-Days
8/25/16 Botnet of Android Devices Controlled via Twitter Accounts
8/23/16 Report: Cyber crimes will cause $6 trillion worth of damage in 2021
8/23/16 Cyber exec: States should prep for ransomware attacks
8/23/16 Ransomware Costs Enterprises $209M in 1H 2016
8/23/16 Reporters at New York Times and Other Media Hit By Russian Hackers
8/23/16 Backdoor uses TeamViewer to spy on victims
8/22/16 Security Teams Not Keeping Up With Exponential Cloud Server Growth
8/22/16 Passwords, biometrics and multi-factor verification: What businesses need to know
8/18/16 Attacker's Playbook Top 5 Is High On Passwords, Low On Malware
8/17/16 8 Surprising Statistics About Insider Threats
8/17/16 User Ed: Patching People vs Vulns
8/15/16 8 Ransomware-Recovery Insights IT Organizations Should Know
8/15/16 Enterprise mobile security tools may not protect BYOD
8/12/16 Turning cybersecurity inside out
8/11/16 6 shocking gaps in your data security strategy
8/9/16 Building a Detection Strategy with the Right Metrics
8/9/16 Spearphishing: It's Curiosity That Makes Them Click
8/9/16 Organizations Still Give Employees More Access Than They Need
8/5/16 Protecting Your Network Through Understanding DNS Requests
8/4/16 Every third American has lost money to online criminals
8/4/16 Why VoIP security is crucial for organizations
8/4/16 8 Best Practices for Keeping Your Database Secure
8/3/16 What's in Your Event Cybersecurity Strategy?
8/2/16 5 Email Security Tips to Combat Macro-Enabled Ransomware
8/2/16 5 Embarrassing Mistakes Found in Penetration Tests
8/2/16 Enterprises dangerously complacent about mobile threats, says report
8/1/16 The growing threat of ransomware: Lucrative, low-risk and easy to use
8/1/16 QRLJacking: A new attack vector for hijacking online accounts
8/1/16 Cyber Security Newsletter
July 2016
Article Date Article Title
7/29/16 Why System Administrators Are So Crucial to Security
7/29/16 Data Deserialization
7/29/16 Virtually all business cloud apps lack enterprise grade security
7/28/16 What is Privileged Account Management
7/27/16 How Cybersecurity Mismanagement Can Destroy Value
7/26/16 Is Your Business Still HIPAA Compliant After The 2016 Federal Changes?
7/26/16 Obama Issues Federal Government Policy For Cyberattack Response
7/25/16 California sets cybersecurity example for states to follow
7/22/16 7 Ways To Lock Down Your Privileged Accounts
7/21/16 Overreliance On Perimeter-Based Defense Creates Opportunities For Attackers
7/20/16 5 Cybersecurity Blunders Companies Should Avoid
7/20/16 5 Cybersecurity Blunders Companies Should Avoid
7/20/16 Firewall Egress Blocking And Monitoring
7/19/16 DHS Asks Industry About Cyberthreats To Mobility
7/19/16 Most CISOs And CIOs Need Better Resources To Mitigate Threats
7/19/16 Widespread Httpoxy Vulnerabilities Affect Server-Side Web Apps
7/18/16 CryptXXX Now Being Distributed Via Spam Emails
7/18/16 Most Companies Still Can't Spot Incoming Cyberattacks
7/18/16 Report: Ransomware Crooks Rely On Customer Service To Cash In
7/16/16 For Most Orgs, Privileged Account Management Is Severely Lacking
7/14/16 BYOD Is Evolving For A Cyberconscious Age
7/14/16 Cybersecurity Is Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link - Your Employees
7/14/16 Pokemon GO: Security Nightmare For BYOD
7/14/16 What SMBs Need To Know About Security But Are Afraid To Ask
7/13/16 How To Fight Security Solution Fatigue
7/12/16 Network Monitoring Tips For An Increasingly Unsafe World
7/12/16 White House Releases Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Strategy
7/12/16 91.1% Of ICS Hosts Have Vulnerabilities That Can Be Exploited Remotely
7/11/16 Does Defense In Depth Still Work Against Today's Cyber Threats?
7/11/16 In Federal Cybersecurity, People Remain The Greatest Vulnerability
7/8/16 Cybercrime Now Surpasses Traditional Crime In UK
7/7/16 Ripping Away the Mobile Security Blanket
7/7/16 A Holistic Approach To Cybersecurity Wellness: 3 Strategies
7/7/16 VDI:Non-virtual problems of virtual desktop security, and how to solve them for real
7/6/16 8 Reasons You Need A Security Penetration Test
7/6/16 What Security Really Looks Like In Small To Midsized Businesses
7/5/16 Why Old IT Assets Create New Security Problems
7/4/16 Critical Vulnerability Breaks Android Full Disk Encryption
7/4/16 Majority Of Orgs Still Don't Know Value Of Critical Data
7/1/16 As Threats Evolve, Faster Response Times Are Essential
7/1/16 Santana Ransomware Encrypts User Files And Master Boot Record
7/1/16 Going for Gold in Cybersecurity
June 2016
Article Date Article Title
6/30/16 Companies Are Embracing An Enterprise-Wide Encryption Strategy
6/29/16 Businesses Are Unprepared For Emerging Threats
6/29/16 Most Cyber Security Strategies Ignore The Way Attackers Really Work
6/28/16 3 Ways To Screw Up Data Security In The Cloud
6/27/16 5 Takeaways From The 19th New York State Cyber Security Conference
6/27/16 For This CTO, It's Hybrid Cloud Now - And Maybe Forever
6/24/16 How MDM Software Exposes Your Personal Data
6/24/16 NASCAR Race Team Learns Ransomware Lesson The Hard Way
6/24/16 What's Old Is New Again: Macro Attacks Are Back
6/22/16 Email Servers For More Than Half Of The World's Top Sites Can Be Spoofed
6/21/16 Hackers Sold Access To 170,000 Compromised Servers, Many In The US
6/21/16 Phishing, Whaling & The Surprising Importance Of Privileged Users
6/17/16 NATO Officially Declares Cyberspace A Domain For War
6/16/16 How attackers can hijack your Facebook account
6/16/16 NARA Official: Hardest Part Of Cloud Transition Is Verifying Security
6/16/16 RSA Study: 75% of Gov't, Commercial Orgs Face 'Significant' Cyber Risk Exposure
6/16/16 75% of organizations have serious cybersecurity risk exposure
6/15/16 FBI: Email Scams Take $3.1 Billion Toll on Businesses
6/15/16 70,000 hacked servers for sale on xDedic underground market
6/15/16 Average Cost Of Data Breaches Rises Past $4 Million, Ponemon Says
6/14/16 DNC Hacked, Research on Trump Stolen
6/14/16 IT Pros Struggle To Detect And Secure IoT Devices
6/14/16 New Speark-Phishing Campaign Targeting US Officials
6/14/16 5 Soft Skills Young Cybersecurity Professionals Need to Get Ahead
6/14/16 3 Tips for Improving Communications with Top Management
6/13/16 Enterprises Warned About Risky Connected Third-Party Apps
6/13/16 Let’s Encrypt CA inadvertently leaks users’ email addresses
6/13/16 Study: Most Companies Can't Protect Confidential Documents
6/10/16 How To Speed Up Incident Response
6/10/16 Twitter locks some accounts after 32 million passwords appear on dark web
6/10/16 Hypervisor wiretap feature can leak data from the cloud
6/9/16 OPM Data Breach: A New Twist On The Discovery Of The Malware
6/9/16 Morgan Stanley To Pay $1 Million SEC Fine For Security Lapse
6/9/16 Ransomware Epidemic Prompting Firms To Rethink Information Sharing
6/9/16 US-CERT Warns Of Resurgence In Macro Attacks
6/8/16 University pays $20,000 in ransomware attack
6/7/16 Network defense must improve as hacking profession matures
6/7/16 789% year-over-year spike in malware and phishing
6/7/16 Malware exploits BITS to retain foothold on Windows systems
6/6/16 Hackers Access Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter, Pinterest Accounts
6/6/16 Unsurprisingly, malware incidents set to grow
6/5/16 Good Questions Regarding Online Threats
6/2/16 FBI warns about email extortion attempts following data breaches
6/1/16 Fed Records Show Dozens of Cybersecurity Breaches
6/1/16 TeamViewer Denies Breach As Users Complain on Reddit About Getting Hacked
6/1/16 Ransomware Domains Up By 3,500% In Q1
May 2016
Article Date Article Title
5/31/16 Expert Hacker Shares 3 Ways Small Businesses Can Minimize Cybersecurity Threats
5/31/16 How Security And IT Teams Can Get Along: 4 Ways
5/30/16 Five tips to avoid getting hit by ransomware
5/27/16 Making security a high priority may not lead to improved measures
5/25/16 APWG: Phishing Attacks Jump 250% From Oct Through March
5/25/16 Phishers Creating More Noise to Fool Defenses
5/24/16 The Antivirus Industry’s Dirty Little Secret
5/24/16 Attackers Clobbering Victims With One-Two Punch Of Ransomware And DDoS
5/24/16 FBI warns about keyloggers disguised as USB device chargers
5/24/16 Cybersecurity Is an Ever-Changing Landscape
5/24/16 US state officials worry about their ability to respond to cyberattacks
5/23/16 Critical Vulnerability Plagues 60% of Android Devices
5/23/16 A recently patched Flash Player exploit is being used in widespread attacks
5/20/16 5 Tips for Protecting Firmware From Attacks
5/19/16 The life of a social engineer: Hacking the human
5/18/16 2012 LinkedIn Breach Just Got a Lot Worse: 117 Million New Logins For Sale
5/17/16 Only two percent of IT experts consider third-party secure access a top priority
5/17/16 The 3 biggest cybersecurity risks posed in the 2016 presidential election
5/17/16 Apple Patches DROWN, Lockscreen Bypass Vulnerability, With Latest Round of Updates
5/17/16 Cybercrooks Think More Like CEOs And Consultants Than You Think
5/17/16 SC Congress Atlanta: Atlanta is no dummy when it comes to cybersecurity, CISO says
5/16/16 5 Secret Habits Of Highly Successful Network Security Programs
5/12/16 Infographic: 3 measures for security at universities and large organizations
5/12/16 Dangerous 7-Zip flaws put many other software products at risk
5/5/16 Remote Desktop Servers Can Act as Ransomware Entry Points
5/4/16 Hidden in plain sight: Four signs your network might be under attack
5/3/16 Wendy's Hit With Lawsuit Over Data Breach
5/2/16 How Stein's Law Impacts Your Information Security Program
5/2/16 FBI Reaffirms Stance Not to Pay Ransomware Attackers
5/2/16 How To Succeed At Third-Party Cyber Risk Management: 10 Steps
5/2/16 8 Microsoft Office 365 Security Tips To Reduce Data Loss
5/2/16 CyberSecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015
April 2016
Article Date Article Title
4/29/16 Stop Building Silos. Security Is Everyone’s Problem
4/28/16 Office 365 Vulnerability Exposed Any Federated Account
4/26/16 Who's next? Shift focus and detect network attackers
4/25/16 The Risk From Mobile Malware Is Real — and Growing
4/22/16 Thrifty bank’s $10 routers lead to $81 million heist
4/21/16 'Good Enough' Won't Keep Phish off the Hook
4/13/16 Security 101 For SMBs
4/12/16 Key to a Strong Cybersecurity Policy is an Educated Staff
4/12/16 FDIC Suffers 'Inadvertent' Data Breach
4/12/16 5 Ways Malware Can Creep into Your System
4/12/16 Software flaws used in hacking more than double, setting record
4/11/16 The Military Is Hiring a Rapid Cyber Response Team -- in Case Commissaries Get Hacked
4/11/16 Sony Breach Settlement Reached
4/9/16 The 8 Most Convincing Phishing Schemes Of 2016
4/7/16 IT admins to users: 'Do as I say, not as I do'
4/7/16 Millions of child support records stolen, D.C. officials want answers
4/7/16 Security flaws found in 3 state health insurance websites
4/7/16 Heartbleed Remains a Risk 2 Years After It Was Reported
4/6/16 The state of the cloud and the Software-Defined Data Center
4/6/16 Security Think Tank: Ignoring software patching spells trouble
4/5/16 Server software poses soft target for ransomware
4/5/16 Considerations for Patching the Cisco ASA Vulnerability
4/5/16 Application-layer DDoS attacks threaten interior network applications
4/4/16 Avoiding Legal Landmines in Data Breach Response
4/3/16 CloudFlare considers 94 percent of the Tor traffic as “per se malicious”
4/1/16 How Barbie-doll maker Mattel clawed back $3m from cyberthieves
March 2016
Article Date Article Title
3/16/16 How to create a successful cybersecurity policy
October 2015
Article Date Article Title
10/9/15 What you sound like after a data breach