Express Products Lists (EPLs)

​​EPLs are multi-vendor awards that meet Mississippi requirements for legal purchases. The use of EPLs is governed under Rule 206.2: 011-030  Procurement Instruments: Express Products Lists (EPLs) as stated in the ITS Procurement Handbook. EPL Interactives are searchable forms of the Express Products Lists.

A complete direc​tory of ITS EPLs, including the Purchase Limit dollar amount for each EPL, is available in Adobe Acrobat format in the Multi-Use RFP Index.​​

EPL Interactives
Software EPLs
  • Software EPL 3594
    Customers may continue to use the Software EPL through October 31, 2014."
  • Microsoft EPL 3640 is no longer available. 
    It has been replaced by EPL 3736.  At this time none of the awarded vendor's sites are available for use.  As soon as one or more of the vendor's are ready for publishing, we will activate the new EPL 3736.
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) EPLs
Other EPL's
Exceeding EPL Limits 
ARRA EPL Information for Stimulus Purchases